An increase in the number of active projector models may not directly correlate to a renewed strength of the overall economy, but it certainly proves that the projector market is turning the corner.  Falling prices have had a negative effect on margins for manufacturers, but it seems to have also created a significant increase in consumer and business-to-business demand. The renewed demand is significant enough that e-commerce resellers have taken notice and begun adding new models left and right.  Manufacturers and their distributors are releasing entire lines of projectors simultaneously and e-tailers are following suit by adding the models to their sites in groups.

The economic downturn initially forced manufacturers to release fewer new products while resellers consolidated to focus on their strongest selling models.  But now, with a slew of new projectors released over the last quarter, resellers are making more models available with a wide range of features to choose from.  With the holidays ahead, distribution is not expected to slow down any time soon and consumers looking to buy a projector online should have more options than ever before!

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