Pricing from brick and mortar retail stores is a major part of gap intelligence data that helps us keep our finger on the pulse of timely, accurate, and actionable industry vitals. While many people are somewhat surprised that online and in-store pricing can vary so widely, finding and reporting these differences are of great importance to our clients. Luckily, gap intelligence has an amazing team of field retail pricing collectors who collect and report in-store weekly retail pricing so we can deliver that valuable information in our reports.

gap intelligence's retail collectors are our eyes and ears in the brick and mortar retail world and are located all across the country. They go out every week to collect pricing and promotional data seen in stores, as well as provide information about any new products spotted in these retail stores and send pictures of any interesting in-store displays. We love our retail collectors and couldn’t provide GFD to our clients without them!

gap intelligence retail collectors

Some of our collectors have been working with gap intelligence for over 10 years, and many of them first found out about the collector position via Craigslist. While many collectors have worked for us for years, none of them have ever met any gappers face to face, nor have any gappers met any retail collectors face to face. This summer, gap intelligence invited some of our retail collectors to visit our offices in San Diego, both as a way to say thank you for years of being awesome remote gappers, and also to help everyone connect the dots a little better.

For one week each month over July to September, a group of collectors from across the country came to visit our offices. They got to meet gappers and other fellow collectors. It was an invaluable experience for both gappers and collectors. During the week each group was visiting, collectors got to go out to retail collection with analysts and exchange collection tips and tricks. Collectors also sat with the Data Operations team to see how they made sense of all the incoming retail data every week, learned about all the amazing gapTools that retail data touches (pricing and promotion reports, SalesDrive, gapTCO, and more!) and brainstormed with the team about new improvements and to how we can make retail collection and data reporting even better.

gap intelligence retail collectors

In addition to learning about all the granular data and GFD that gap intelligence has to offer, and more importantly, we all go to know each other. gappers were able to put faces to names of people who send us data every week, and retail collectors got to see how important all the data points they are sending in really are. Collectors also got a firsthand taste of gapCulture, too, as they participated in company meetings, volleyball matches, happy hours, cheered on Team USA in the Olympics, and got to clap along with the entire company as the interactive new data tool launched this month!

The entire company was excited to meet a handful of our amazing retail collectors, and we can’t wait to meet more of them!

If you are interested in retail collection in your city, please drop us a line!