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and think to yourself how outlandish some of the security tactics or gadgets are?? I grew up watching James Bond movies and relished in the amazing inventions that 007 used to solve crimes.? Well, Sony is moving us one step closer to obtaining technology that was once only a fantasy found in movies.? The company?s new Mofiria uses a CMOS sensor to identify the veins in one?s finger and generate security for personal devices such as computers or mobile phones.

Finger vein authentication technology is the next generation of security methods and follows a principle that is similar to fingerprinting.? Each pe

rson?s finger vein patterns are unique and are believed to remain consistent throughout a person?s lifetime.? Sony?s Mofiria technology uses the CMOS sensor to capture diagonally scattered light.? With the company?s new technology, the finger does not necessarily have to be positioned the same way each time.? The technology will account for differences and correct the discrepancies.? Sony says that the technology has a False Rejection Rate of less than 0.1 percent and a False Acceptance Rate of less than 0.0001 percent.? The process takes around 0.015 seconds with a computer and approximately 0.25 seconds when the device is attached to a mobile phone.

Sony has taken the concept of fingerprinting, made it a bit more complicated, and automated the security feature for personal use.? As people begin storing more important information on their computers and cell phones, it is becoming necessary to advance security devices.? Laptops started coming outfitted with finger print identification pads a few years back, although I do not personally know anyone that actually uses the feature.? Fingerprint security systems are much more popular in the commercial area.? Copiers are often equipped with the technology to identify who is printing what.? In addition, banks and other institutions with high security needs often install fingerprint analysis devices on most points of entry.

Other applications where fingerprinting has become popular and is used less for security than for convenience is in schools and validating registration.? Interestingly, the popular 24 Hour Fitness gyms began utilizing fingerprint identification technology to eliminate the use for cards.?? At first glance, I thought this was a bit excessive considering it is a gym and not the Secret Service ? but I suppose that it makes sense cost-wise for the company.? They eliminate the necessity to generate cards with a one time investment into some technology.? After several rounds of testing, the fingerprint identification security feature was found to be quite susceptible to fraud.? Intruders could create fake fingerprints using gel molds, which forces developers to create more safeguards against this type of breach.

To purchase and use finger vein authentication technology, someone must have some seriously private information on their mobile devices.? Sony plans to begin selling the product sometime during 2009.? Pricing has not yet been announced, but it will likely take a minor investment to implement the technology.? Sony has taken a concept that is widely popular in the commercial world, kicked it up a notch, and is offering it in the consumer market.? Exact details remain unknown about what the vein identification will actually be compatible with.? Sony is known to develop proprietary technology, leading us to believe that the new device will only work with Sony laptops, although this remains speculative.

The technology that was once only imagined in Hollywood is beginning to take a front seat in our every day lives.? I can?t wait till the Jetsons? days begin and all I have to do to get my eggs and toast in the morning is press a button!!