It is easy to recycle your ink cartridges or toners, but which store can you benefit most from?

If you have been throwing away your ink cartridges or toners, you are not the only one. Every second 13 cartridges are thrown away, yes every second isn’t that just crazy?  Cartridge Fundraising

I have done my research with four different stores, including Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, and Best Buy to find out which store has the most bang for your buck.  The following stores have different recycling programs to choose from so you can help the environment and make a few bucks. 

Recycling an ink cartridge or toner is so easy that all you have to do is take it with you to the store, or do you?  Staples has a few different options available.  First you have to be a member of the Staples rewards and then you can receive $2 for every ink cartridge or toner that you bring in.  A maximum of 10 cartridges per month.  However, customers can receive rewards up to 10 cartridges and toners.  Staples has another recycling option where a person must join the Staples Advantage program.  Under the program Staples will deliver office supplies and will pick up used ink  and toner cartridges from you.  Staples offers rewards for recycling all brands of ink or toner cartridges..

With OfficeMax, a person has to be part of the MaxPerks program to receive rewards for recycling.  Once a person is a MaxPerks member they can start recycling their ink cartridges or toners and receive $3 for undamaged HP, Dell, or Lexmark ink or toners.  A person can recycle any other brand of ink and toner but just will not receive MaxPerks rewards.  However,  MaxPerks members can receive only up to $60 per month, which is a total of 20 inks or toners, compared to Staples limit 10 per month.

Office Depot has a rewards program called Worklife.  A person must join the program  to recycle their ink and/or toner there and receive rewards.  Worklife members receive $2 back on ink and toner in recycling rewards, but can only submit up to 20 cartridges per month.  It should be noted that ink tanks do not qualify.

Best Buy probably has the easiest recycling program since a person does not have to be a member.  However, a person does not receive anything back in return for submitting their used cartridges.

Overall, recycling at Best Buy you will not receive any money back but, you are still doing the environment a favor.  Recycling at Staples you can gain an extra $20 a month by recycling 10 cartridges and toners.  Office Depot you can gain a total of $40 back by recycling up to 20 cartridges a month.  OfficeMax came in the leader with $60 per month by recycling 20 ink and toners, but limited to only recycling HP, Dell, Lexmark.  There are many different stores to recycle ink cartridges and toners.  These are just a few stores that have recycling programs.  Another good thing to look into would be what each store does with their recycled ink cartridges and toners.