We didn’t believe it either… πŸ¦„

Brands that sell through retail and online channels still ‘set and forget’ their product portfolio strategies without clearly understanding the competitive landscape or their direct competition. 🀯

This means HUGE BETS and MASSIVE FINANCIAL RISK based on missing or insufficient data points, ad-hoc guesswork, and hope — and we all know, hope is NOT a strategy. πŸ™πŸ»

Then we asked some important WHAT IFs…

WHAT IF you could anticipate competitors’ moves before they happen?Β 

WHAT IF you could identify exact channel activity that drives sales?

WHAT IF you could help merchant buyers evaluate assortments, pricing and promotion trends with an ‘on-demand’ blue print of the competitive landscape?

WHAT IF you could predict ‘price compression’ and stay ahead of their competition from an R&D, speed-to-market, and lifecycle trend perspective?

Some might say access to a playbook with all that information is impossible — it’s not. πŸ”‘

Portfolio by gap intelligence removes the uncertainty, and delivers an easy way to benchmark brands’ own product sets, plans and strategies against the playbooks of their competitors. Portfolio unlocks access to a clear visual of product information, placements, pricing and promotions across retail brick-and-mortar and eCommerce (by merchant or by product) for any time horizon (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) — all in one view. πŸ’‘

Why Teams Choose Portfolio

  • Identify specific actions and offerings that increase sales βœ…
  • Compare ‘plays’ to win placements, ad bids, and shelf position with buyers in retail and online βœ…
  • Educate internal teams and merchant buyers with detailed category captain views of the shelf βœ…
  • Benchmark product portfolios against competitive product feature sets, pricing, promotional cadence, and discount margin strategies βœ…
  • Execute pricing and promotion roadmaps based on proven results βœ…
  • Set strategic product refresh and life-cycle plans βœ…
  • Predict products and pricing movement during key promotional periods βœ…

Products at a store

Portfolio Screen Grab

Key Features of Portfolio

  • View product placements, pricing and promotions by week, month, quarter or year, all in one place
  • Product images, details and life cycle information
  • Custom date ranges and product views by segment
  • Compare and analyze product pricing by net price, shelf price, percentage discount, and promo value
  • Share views with others directly from the platform
  • View product assortments at a specific merchant, or specific products across merchants

Retail and online channel sales have evolved…have you?

Join the growing number of teams that lean on Portfolio by gap intelligence to plan and manage their portfolio strategy, educate merchant buyers, and win more sales in retail brick-and-mortar, and online. Email us at: hello@gapintelligence.com.