My latest blog in the Retail Data Collector blog series features Jamie from Omaha. I had known Jamie for several years before I started working at gap and when we needed to hire a collector in Omaha, I knew that she would be a great fit.

Location: Omaha, NE

Q: How long have you been working with gap?

A: 1 Year

Q: How did you get involved with gap?

A: Karen was my basketball coach at the University of Nebraska Omaha. When she became retail manager at gap and they were hiring in Omaha, she asked if I wanted a cool job and if I was in need of a little extra money… what college kid isn’t???

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

A: The freedom of being allowed to work the hours that fit around my school and basketball schedule. I also really enjoy payday!

Q: What is your favorite product category to collect and why?

A: My favorite category to collect is tablets because I think I have them about memorized… in order… at every store. It has become a personal challenge to see if I can walk into a store and log them only by looking at my app, then go through the tablets and see if I did it correctly! (It’s the little victories in life!)

Q: What is your favorite store to visit and why?

A: My favorite store to visit is RadioShack because it is in the mall and conveniently located right next to Finish Line (a sports store with great shoes).

Q: What is something that you’ve learned about retail and consumer electronics through working with gap?

A: Honestly, I am somewhat electronically challenged. Before I started collecting, I had no clue what an external hard drive was until I started collecting at OfficeMax. The same old man that talks my ear off every week has explained to me in detail what the purpose of a hard drive is. I love going to that store just to have my weekly conversation with Greg.

Q: Share something interesting about yourself: Hobbies? Family? Other Job? Kids? Pets? Anything!

A: I am a senior and play basketball at the University of Nebraska Omaha. I graduate in May and hope to live out my dream by playing professionally overseas.
As you can tell I have known Jamie for quite some time and she has been a really good fit for gap. It has been really nice working with her as she’s a little easier to coach in regards to the app and collecting than she was on the basketball court  I wish her the best of luck with her future basketball endeavors, but unfortunately that means we will probably need to find someone to replace her in Omaha. Hopefully we can hang on to her as long as possible!