Just in the nick of time, I am publishing one more blog for my Retail Data Collector series before I take off for a while.   This time, it’s featuring Toni from Denver.  Toni and I have been best friends for quite a while now and I knew when we were looking to hire someone in Colorado that she would likely be up for the task.  Toni and I played college basketball together at both Fort Lewis College in Colorado, and at the University of Nebraska Omaha, so I know that she is a hard worker, reliable, and a great fit for the position.

Location:  Denver, Colorado

Q: How long have you been working with gap?

A: Since June 2012

Q: How did you get involved with gap?

A: Through my best friend Karen.

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

A: I enjoy seeing all the new products as they come out and I get to eat lunch at new places.

Q: What is your favorite product category to collect and why?

A: Printers/cameras because it pays a little better.

Q: What is your favorite store to visit and why?

A: Target because I hit up the sale racks, and Microsoft because it’s a cool store.

Q: What is something that you’ve learned about retail and consumer electronics through working with gap?

A: To shop around when making a purchase…there is almost always a sale.

Q: What is the strangest incident to happen to you while collecting?

A: An employee at one of the stores always gets nervous when I come in because he must think my collecting has something to do with his job performance.  He’s always asking me if everything looks alright and if the prices are fine.  It’s pretty funny.

Q: Share something interesting about yourself: Hobbies? Family? Other Job? Kids? Pets? Anything!

A: I’m married and have a 1 year old son, Cooper.  We have 3 dogs and are both from Colorado.  Along with collecting, I also teach part time at a middle school and I am an assistant athletic director at a high school.  Karen and I played college basketball together and were roommates in college.  I also introduced her to her husband, so the least she could do is hook me up with this job :)

I’m glad it has worked out for Toni to be a part of our retail data collector team.  I know what a great teammate she is and she has done a great job for us.  After today I will be out on maternity leave, all thanks to her, and her introducing me to my husband, Stan!

This series will continue in October…