Our President, Gary Peterson, is a very busy man.  So busy in fact that he often times does not have enough time to squeeze in all of the events that he is invited to into his hectic schedule.  When the demands of running gap intelligence keep him tethered to his desk, it often comes with major benefits to the rest of the company because he will pass the “work perks” our way.

In case you missed the very exciting news that was announced at our 2011 holiday party, gap intelligence purchased season tickets for the 2012 Padres Baseball season.  Peterson was invited to enjoy “Lunch on the Field” and was unable to attend.  His loss equaled Senior Project Manager, Katie Hess, and my gain.  Aren’t we the two luckiest gappers in the whole wide world?

Our hospitable contact through the Padres organization, John Torris, rolled out the red carpet for us yesterday!  Hess and I had the pleasure of touring the stadium through the underground tunnels that few get to see.  We rode in super-secret elevators that few get to ride.  I kept murmuring to Hess, “look how cool we are”, as we wandered the halls beneath Petco Park.  Once we finished making our way through the stadium to the field, we couldn’t help but gaze in awe at the beauty of Petco Park.  Although there were a small group of other season ticket holders enjoying this perk as well, the stadium was for the most part deserted.  Torris was nice enough to indulge my need to get my paparazzi on and he also showed us where our seats are for the 2012 season.  Lunch was amazing!  They set up a buffet in the dugout.

As Hess and I sat enjoying lunch we both couldn’t help but smile.  Torris was nice enough to load us up with Padres swag bags full of all sorts of loot.  We rubbed elbows with several other season ticket holders and had the most fantastic time.  We even had the pleasure of meeting the Padres GM!  I was excited for baseball season before but this totally pushed me over the edge.  Can’t wait for the 2012 baseball season to begin!