Vision and strategy can be tough concepts to wrap your head around.  It’s even tougher to create, hone, articulate, test, validate, communicate, motivate, execute, and ultimately realize your vision.  Nonetheless, any organization without one is like a journey without a destination.  You might get somewhere, but it won’t be where you dreamed of being.

And that’s really what a vision is–a dream.  Walt Disney famously said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  Of course, Disney’s whole business centers around bringing dreams to life.  At gap intelligence, we are motivated each and every day to bring just one dream to life.  We aim to be:

The World’s Most Respected Business Intelligence Services and Platform Company

The world's most respected business intelligence services and platform company is renowned for its world-class analytics; it is renowned for its clean and uniform universal product data APIs; it is renowned for mashing up the world’s most timely and accurate market intelligence data with its clients’ real-time industry vitals; and it provides these silver bullets of industry know-how in the most intuitive yet powerful and actionable business intelligence applications and solutions available anywhere.
It is famous for consulting with senior executives to ‘Explain the Why’ in a market that is increasingly saturated with too much information, and it artfully guides its clients through the market maze, providing the analytic tools, the consulting advice, and the cutting insights they need to compete effectively and win.

gap intelligence is the world’s most respected business intelligence services and platform company because we persistently commit to achieve clear goals with focused purpose, to continuously monitor our progress, and to trace our growth against our plan.


This detailed view of gap’s 2018 vision comes from the perspective of where we will be three years from now, which is the best place to start when working out any execution strategy.  Like a child solving a maze by navigating through it in reverse, our strategy for achieving our vision starts at the finish and works our way back to the start–because this way is the simplest and most intuitive.

Instead of focusing on what we want to accomplish from afar, we start at the accomplishment in order to tell the story of how we got there–how we became the world’s most respected business intelligence services and platform company.  By adopting our future mindset now, we push aside all self-doubt and that story becomes the building blocks to accomplishing our vision.

When you look at the maze in reverse, you realize that our vision is not out of reach.   By focusing on key performing indicators like Great Freakin’ Data (GFD), Scalability, Efficiency, and Profitability, and de-focusing on the distractions that lead us down dead-ends in the maze we realize that we already have all the tools and all the right values that we need in order to achieve our vision. 

Steve Jobs once said: "If you're working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed.  The vision pulls you."

Not everybody can be Steve Jobs, but we can understand that achieving a vision is a collective and collaborative effort, driven by an emotional connection—something that you’re passionate about and willing to work tirelessly to achieve.  We too have something special here that we’re all excited and care a lot about.  So hold on tight as we pull each other along through the maze!