For over 13 years, clients have interacted with our GFD in a number of different ways: price and promotions reports, weekly market intelligence analysis, gapTCO, gapCompare, SalesDrive, APIs, MI Mobile, the list goes on. Today, we are excited to announce another major piece of our offering: a cloud-based application that gives our customers the power to make smart decisions from any browser.

And the best part? It's available to all current subscribers with a gap intelligence Data Center login.

Below are a few examples of how you can use our new tools daily in your work life:

Merchant Pricing Trends

View a Specific Retailer's Assortment of Any Product Category

Our Merchant Pricing Trends tool provides you with all the filters you need to narrow down trended weekly data to your preferred custom view. With the ability to save filters and have the data refresh automatically, you'll be able to react swiftly to market changes and make real-time decisions.

Use the highlighting to easily identify which products were advertised and promoted at any retailer or online merchant. Download the trend for use outside of the application.

Gap Intelligence's new Merchant Pricing Trends tool

Custom Data Download

Fuel Your Own Internal Tools with gap intelligence GFD

With our Custom Data Download tool you are able to grab the data that is important to you and export to either CSV or Excel. From there, you can use this data however you'd like – be it to build your presentation due in an hour or input it into your internal tools to marry it up with other data.

Use our suggested fields for each download type or further narrow or expand your filters to create the perfect custom report.

Gap Intelligence's new Custom Data Download tool

Weekly Market Intelligence Analysis

Catch Up on This Week's Insights and Analysis

Similar to our MI Mobile app, the market intelligence widget provides you with category-specific analysis so you can learn why and how market changes are impactful and stay up-to-date on industry news.

Quickly scan through the feed of high-level executive summaries or click Continue Reading to access the full article and analysis.

Gap Intelligence's new Weekly Market Intelligence Analysis tool marks an important step in our journey toward future software innovation, and we're excited that it's just the beginning. In the coming weeks and months, we will be releasing enhancements and new features on a regular basis, enabling many more capabilities to make your job easier. What exactly does that look like? Well, that is largely dependent on you – our clients. Your usage and feedback will drive our innovation so we continue to provide you with the tools you need.

Login today and let us know what you think!