gap intelligence is a values led corporation and company culture is our most valued and precious asset.  We believe that our work should contribute to something bigger than ourselves and that we, as a company, have an obligation to give back to the local community.

We contribute in many ways.  Some members of the team are contributors and board members of various local non-profits and part of San Diego’s Small Business Advisory Board.  We participate in fund raising walks, events, and even knocking door-to-door.


For 2011, in addition to our individual efforts, gap intelligence chose a single non-profit to support as a company.  Collectively, we voted to support San Diego Habitat for Humanity and would contribute through the standard “3 T’s” of giving – Treasure, Time, and Talent.

gap intelligence put Habitat for Humanity on center stage at this year’s gapCon 2011 as part of the show’s kick off presentation.  gap intelligence and San Diego Habitat for Humanity are officially the first tandem to use, a fundraising tool that connects non-profits with benefactors through social media (twitter).  gap intelligence used to donate $1,500 to Habitat for Humanity, an event that made the local news (you may have seen it).

Following up on our monetary donation, thirteen gappers made a difference in our local community by traveling to National City on June 18th to build a house.  Maybe we didn’t build an entire house in a single day, but we did put up vertical siding, installed three bathtubs, a chimney, and the entire HVAC system in a two story townhouse.


The experience was beyond rewarding.  The effort certainly made us all feel good that we were giving back to those less fortunate, but at the same time the experience was just plain fun.  Habitat for Humanity does not hold back on what they ask of their volunteers, we climbed scaffolding, measured bits and pieces to the last 1/8th of an inch, hammered, sawed, and sanded to our hearts content – there was nothing that they wouldn’t let us try.


I got to play with power tools all day – super fun!!  I also realized that I am very rusty on my fractions – a 7/16th is close to a 5/8th?

Give back.  Its fun!