We recently launched a new project here at gap Intelligence and are over-the-moon excited about it!!  You may have read a little about the project already here when we were looking to hire the perfect candidate to ask retail store representatives what they think is the best brand on the market for certain consumer electronics.

Similar to our “Meet Our Retail Data Collectors” blog series, I am excited to announce the start of our “Meet Our Secret Shoppers” series. We currently have 22 Secret Shoppers scattered throughout the US all going to the same retail stores and collecting brand recommendation on the same product categories, within their region.

To kick off the series, I would like to introduce our Secret Shopper from Seattle, Robin Hebert! Robin recently had her very first experience being a shopper for gap intelligence.  Here is a little Q&A with Robin about her experience!

Q:           What was your favorite store to “shop” at and why?

A:            I really liked Best Buy because they have a nice selection of products. Other stores did not have as much variety.  I enjoy being around technology so it was a little bit of heaven to shop there.

Q:           What was your favorite product category to “shop” for and why?

A:            I would have to say that cameras were my favorite.  There are so many variables to shop for when looking for a good camera. Tablets are pretty straight forward, either Android or Apple, but with Cameras, the choices are endless when it comes to megapixels, focal length, etc.

Q:            What was something that you learned about retail and/or consumer electronics through Secret Shopping for gap?

A:            Oh my gosh! It was amazing. I felt like I had been out of the loop for so long. For instance, I didn’t know that with most top loader washers, the agitator part has been removed. In fact, more manufacturers are looking to make top loaders more like the front loader washers. It’s so much fun to talk to salespeople and find out all that they know about the up and coming trends in the market.

Q:            Share something interesting about yourself: Hobbies? Family? Other Job? Kids? Pets? Let loose!

A:            I have been a techy before tech was around lol. I enjoy my iPhone and iPad and am into iPhonography.  I’m from NY, but live in WA State.  My hubby and I just celebrated our 23rd anniversary March 12th.  I have 3 grown children, and 1 crazy cat.

It has been so much fun getting to know Robin in the short amount of time I have worked with her. She definitely has me curious about what the heck iPhonography is :) We are lucky to have Robin as a Secret Shopper and truly appreciate her hard work! Thank you, Robin!