If you’d like to make plans with me it will have to wait till September. My jet-setting began in February and will continue all the way through August. I have planned nine trips over seven months! My travels include the following cities in this order: San Francisco, Napa, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, San Jose, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz.

Why so many trips? Well, I traveled to San Francisco to visit my best friend from college.

My trip to Napa was a family vacation that brought lots of wine and yummy food. My adventures in Las Vegas and Palm Springs were both tied to the wedding of a dear friend.

Lake Tahoe was a special birthday party for my darling niece who turned one year old.

In the next four months I head to Sacramento to host a bridal shower for my best friend from high school.  Following that trip, I will be traveling to my home town, San Jose, to host a wild 30th Birthday party for my big brother. In July, I will be heading to Santa Barbara for a bachelorette party followed by a wedding in August in Santa Cruz.

Traveling can be slightly overwhelming at times and I must admit that a weekend at home seems like a luxury these days.

I joke that my dent in Tyrone (yes, I named my couch Tyrone) is losing its shape. Though all this traveling may be starting to wear on me a bit it is worth it. I love spending time with my friends and family more than anything else in this world. Being around those you love is such a treat.

A constant on all of my trips is a discussion about my exciting new job here at Gap.

I have found that explaining what we do here at Gap seems to only invite more questions.

Everyone is happy for me despite not quite understanding what exactly I do all day as a Sys Ops team member.

Here at Gap I am the data gate keeper for digital cameras. As a sort of newbie this is an on going learning process of course.

I am slowly but surely becoming an expert when it comes to cameras and I couldn’t be more excited about this. It’s rather fitting that in my inner circle I am known as the paparazzi. I bring my Canon PowerShot everywhere I go. Friends of mine joke that they can leave their camera at home if I am coming to an event because they know I will have the picture taking duties covered. 

Lately I have found that I notice cameras everywhere I go. I was at a wedding recently and I couldn’t help but take second looks at the cameras that were snapping away as the happy couple said their “I Do’s”. I found myself noting model numbers to myself. As pictures began to circulate after the wedding it was quite apparent that certain cameras took a better picture than others, but I won’t disclose which!

So, if you need any travel advice, I’m your gal.  For instance, large round earrings look like ninja stars to security x-ray technicians so it’s better to pack those on top of your bag (not packed away deep in your suitcase).  I learned the hard way to avoid sitting near small children on flights.  Children aren’t much fun on planes.

Also, if you own an iPhone, the Southwest Airlines travel App is a must. Not only does this app alert me when cheap tickets are available but it allows me to check into my flight on my iPhone! Oh technology!

I hope all of your future travels go smoothly.

If you need any recommendations on where you should travel next I have a large list of suggestions. Traveling is a privilege and I am so blessed to have so many reasons to grab a suitcase and go. No matter where my travels take me though I always feel lucky to come home to San Diego. Happy traveling everyone!