With the official onset of the spring season and semester, gap intelligence’s internship program is in full swing again!

The department consists of two new enthusiastic and bright interns, Adrienne and Trisha (check out their blogs!), who will help to manage the public relations department here at gap.

gap intelligence’s internship program was first launched about a year ago. Now, in its second year, the interns are taking on more responsibilities and coming up with creative ways to help gap intelligence bloom. Like the Iris and Daffodil buds pushing up through the dirt, the PR department has grown into a full garden of its own.

You can expect to see more buzz circling around the highly-anticipated new Data Center Version 3 (DCV3), which will be jam-packed full of new goodies such as a quick stat section, news articles, a comments section, product life cycle tracking, and the freedom to contact any gap intelligence analyst with the push of a button.

Socially, gap intelligence’s Twitter site will be fluttering about with interesting industry-related facts, while gap intelligence’s Facebook will be getting a lot more company face-time as well…no pun intended.

gap intelligence’s internship program isn’t about coffee runs, faxing or filing, but instead focuses on the company’s PR initiatives and the interns themselves. Our goal is to give our interns valuable experiences as well as allow them to grow individually and professionally as they make valuable contributions to our company.

Our internship program is off to a fresh start this quarter and we are excited to welcome Adrienne and Trisha to gap intelligence, and look forward to working with each of them!

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