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Monica Mangaliman

A Year in Review: Cooktops & Wall Ovens

As a category owner at gap intelligence, one thing I’ve learned is that once you build a category, you grow quite attached to it. And honestly, how could you not? Once it gets the green light, it’s nonstop go time for three months. You have to collect the data and QC the data. You have to translate photos and gather site links. ...

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How gapU Gives You Balance

Do you remember being that eager college freshman on the first day of classes ready to take on the world? Fast forward to the end of the semester. Do you remember being that poor sleep deprived freshman after taking your last final? The cold reality of the infamous “triangle of college life” really hits you hard that first year.

College Life Triangle


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Cooktops & Wall Ovens: Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy

You did it. You’re finally taking the plunge. You’ve brushed up on the 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Major Appliances and you’ve decided to go for that cooktop and wall oven setup. It fits that customizable criteria you envision for your dream kitchen.

With impeccable timing, you’ve arrived at this blog post where ...

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Words with Herbs - Monica Mangaliman


Monica Mangaliman

How did you get to gap intelligence?

After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, I moved back to my beloved hometown of San Diego and started working at the YMCA. After two years, I was itching for something new so I took to the popular job sites. A few weeks in, out of curiosity, I decided to check Craigslist out. By chance, ...

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