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Application Dependencies: When and Why You Should Upgrade

When the Prod/Dev team sets up a new project, it’s created using the latest versions of frameworks, databases, and external libraries available. All these tools, components, and programming languages are part of our project, which ultimately makes them dependencies for our application. While developing the application, ...

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Meet the New Additions to our UZ Dev Team

It’s time for a Tashkent, Uzbekistan development team update. There have been some fun changes since last year’s thorough who’s who of the team. Our current team consists of Pavel Skripin, Timur Suleymanov, and the subjects of today’s blog, Evgeniy Chjen and Ruslan Sidorenko. Timur Gabdrakipov, mentioned in our previous ...

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When You Don’t Trust a Trust Fall

Trust fall...pause for cringe...I am not sure there are two other words that when put together result in such a visceral reaction from people. The unfortunate part is that ‘trust fall’ is usually preceded by the phrase ‘team-building activity’, which often times result in a similar negative reaction. For whatever reason, ...

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What is the gap intelligence API and how can I use it?

An API is used to exchange information between applications. Not long ago, information was exchanged from user to user. An archive with data files from Application A was exported and sent to the user's email. The user had to download the files and upload them to Application B. Unfortunately, this way of exchanging data caused users a lot of ...

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5 Things I Learned As An Athlete That Make Me a Better Developer

Since I can remember, and even earlier based on pictures, I have always played soccer and been a part of a team. Practices, team parties, and games are some of my earliest and favorite memories. Being an athlete was a big part of my life from elementary school through college and continues to be part of my identity today. While I don’t ...

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Meet the Dev Team UZ Edition: You're Gonna Plov It

If you've been keeping up with our blog, you've read articles on how we use Agile Scrum with a Distributed Dev Team and which Agile Ceremonies we stick to here at gap intelligence. In the world of Five Ws and one H, these blogs provide great insight into the Why, the What, the Where, the When, and the How, but they only touch in a broad ...

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