When retailer and e-commerce websites get redesigned, gap intelligence notices.  Our data analysts regularly spot new color schemes and different layouts while gathering specs or aligning part numbers (fun!) and we especially notice when the location of the almighty price tag moves because it forces us to adjust the code for how our web-crawler grabs the prices… Don’t ask how, it’s magic.

Once we adjust to the new look and feel of a website, it’s always interesting to see how the product assortment has changed, if at all.  Most recent changes have been aesthetic, but there is one website redesign that comes to mind that changed more than just its looks: Target.com.  In August, Target finalized a major overhaul of its website and took full control of online operations from Amazon, who the company had previously outsourced to.  The website facelift brought enhanced customer reviews, a streamlined checkout process, and a whole bunch of new products.

In the weeks leading up to the launch, Target began adding a significant number of new laptops to its website and, over the last five months, Target.com’s total laptop assortment has nearly quadrupled from 26 to 96!  Target has never been a powerhouse in the notebook market, through its website or its retail stores (just 4 placements), but the retailer seems determined to not surrender the notebook market to competitors like Amazon and Walmart online.  The new Target.com has crashed six times since its launch in August but, if it can stay online, should have a vast assortment of products for the holiday shopping season ahead.