With Thanksgiving fast approaching and everyone gearing up for the feast-ivites, I decided to poll the gap office on things that they are thankful for.  Responses ranged from funny to family, but it seems as though everyone is getting in the holiday spirit and has a lot to be thankful for overall.  Here are some of the responses from the office when asked “What are you thankful for?” :

Erin : Seth Rogan, James Franco, and 2 day work weeks

Josh : My life, family, and baby on the way

Erik : That I have things to be thankful for

Kim : Happy and healthy family

Bo & Ricky (Kim’s kids) : Electronics and a loving family!

Hayley Johnson : My job at gap

Jen : Thanksgivukkah and hot cheetos

Keenan : 3 day weeks

Laura : Starbucks being walking distance from the office

Melissa : Dr. Who and friends

Nick : Hoodies and hoodie weather

Matt : I got to tell my grandma goodbye and that I loved her

Laurel : High Tech HS is out for the week

Lisa : That I’m healthy and have great people around me

Stacey : Getting to go home and see my family for the holidays

Dr. Dre : That there are 2 grocery stores in Liberty Station that I can get lunch from

Gurpreet : Life

Sarina : That I live by the beach and my dog

Katie :  The no twerking while working gap policy that I implemented earlier this year.

Val : Everything

Karen : Friends, family, a healthy baby, and dogs

Christine B : I’m thankful that I am a soon to be Auntie, the Zen Zone, and for my fellow gappers!

Gary : The great people of gap intelligence.  AND that the Flyers are playing .500 hockey again!

Scott : Family, friends and health.  Also, that as Americans we were able to transform Black Friday from one day of debauchery and consumerism into a full week!

As you can see, we at gap intelligence have a lot to be thankful for.  I’m thankful for my family, friends, and the long weekend we at gap have coming up! Now it’s time to mash some potatoes, fry some turkeys, and enjoy some pie, or at least a pie chart!

Happy Thanksgiving!