It is absolutely inexcusable that I have not told you about the 2009 Hirooka Awards (third annual) – a night filled with celebrity, style, and fashion! The Hirooka Awards is the night for gap-ians to celebrate our accomplishments both as a team and highlight those individual achievements that helped make the year so great.

The 2009 Hirooka Awards were hosted last December (should have been blogged a long time ago) at the glamorous House Blues in downtown San Diego, California. Our celebrities walked down the red carpet, talked to the hordes of curious press, and posed for thousands of paparazzi snaps along the way. The evening started by some special “gap university” awards – for those whose experiences through 2009’s global economic downturn earned them a MBA. Master’s of Business Administration degrees to Tom Foster, Sarina Dahukey, Jake Fishman, Michelle Cowan, and Chris Barnes!

While everyone at gap is a winner, here is a break down of this year’s Hirooka Award winners!

Rookie of the Year: Gurpreet Kaur (Market Analyst)

PT Players of the Year:

Deron Kershaw (Research Analyst)

Taryn Popplewell (System Ops)

Christine Abuyen ( Research Analyst)

Quote of the Year: Laurel Popplewell (System Ops)

Writer of the Year: Sarina Dahukey (Senior Analyst)

Presenter of the Year: Jake Fishman (Senior Analyst)

Leadership Award:

Katie Hess (System Ops)

Can’t Live Without You Award:

Nicole Manko (Market Analyst)

Crawl to Sprint (fast learner):

Joshua Stone (Research Analyst)

Smells Like Team Spirit Award:

Laurel Popplewell (System Ops)

The Sarina Dahukey Most Organized Stamp Collection Award (most organized desk)

Erin Vogelsanger (System Ops)

Best Dressed: Nicole Manko (Market Analyst)

Nickname of the Year: Gurpreet “Goopie” Kaur

People’s Choice: Michelle Cowan (Systems Manager)

Most Valuable Player: Michelle Cowan (Systems Manager)

Congratulations to our Hirooka Award winners and good luck to our 2010 nominees!