It’s summer 2012… And it really has been an awesome San Diego summer! The weather has been great and everyone at gap intelligence has been taking full advantage. Friday afternoons (and actually, other weekday afternoons) are full of people’s talk of plans. Most plans consist of beach, BBQ, family, friends, and just good ole fashioned fun. I know that I’ve already had my fair share of fun in the sun and it’s only July! And now, there’s even more fun to look forward to, one of my favorite quadrennial events, the Olympics. I loooooove the Olympics! It’s so fun to watch people compete in so many different events and see their pride in representing their own country. So in honor of this awesome sporting event, gap intelligence hosted the ’I Summer gap-lympics’.

The stage was set… 15 of gap intelligence’s finest athletes showed up to compete in 5 events. The air was full of tension as everyone eyed up their competition, wanting to win that precious gold medal. After the opening ceremonies, the first event was a 40 meter sprint. Almost every gapper lined up on the starting line, ready to race to the finish.

“On your mark, get set, GO!”

And the racers were off. It was a close photo finish, with Mike Broome taking first for the boys and Natasha Belak-Berger (yeah… that’s me) bringing home the gold in the girl’s division.

Next up was soccer, with the USA women’s team already winning their first game of the tournament of the Olympics, the pressure was on for the gappers to do their country proud. It was a battle, with Karen Hartzman winning silver and Nicole Teiffel taking it all.

The field for the next event, frisbee toss, was full of competitors. With the wind at their backs, gappers hurled the disc across the grass. While some discs only went about a yard, Deron Kershaw and Keenan Thompson really showed their skills by winning silver and gold medals, respectively.

The last two events, golf and hula hooping took place at the same time. Golf was a slow, difficult event as golfers aimed that ridiculously small ball towards a target. Again, Keenan and Deron showed their athletic prowess by winning the top two medals again, this time Deron taking gold and Keenan silver. Nicole Teiffel and Laurel Popplewell were in a deadlock over at the hula hoops. Nicole finally won it all and Laurel walked away with the silver in a hard fought, hip swiveling battle.

After all the events were completed, the gap-letes gathered around for the passing out of the medals and final ceremony. Winners proudly stood on the platform (ie park bench) wearing their medals, shining around their necks. After a beautiful rendition of the American National Anthem, the ‘I Summer gap-lympics’ came to a close. It will be another 4 years until the next summer gap-lympics and I’m sure people are already training. Until then,  we will have to be content watching the American athletes perform in London this summer.