Italian business man Marco Boglione is the proud new owner of a $212,267 Apple 1 computer.  You may be curious as to what would make this particular Apple computer’s price sky rocket to such an enormous amount.  What sort of amazing features does this pricey Apple 1 offer?  To be completely honest, the features are lacking and it is safe to assume that Boglione has no plans to use the Apple 1 as anything other than a very cool display.  This computer does not connect to the internet.  This computer does not even have the ability to plug into a wall socket.  The Apple 1 is not a highly sought after collectors item for its cutting edge technology; it’s highly sought after for its special place in history. 

The Apple 1 was one of the original 200 computers made by co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack.  This computer was made in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage in 1976.  The price of the Apple 1 in 1976 was $666.66.  The Apple 1 was auctioned at Christie’s in London on November 23, 2010.  Boglione now the owner of a rare collector’s item. Sources say there are believed to only be 30 to 50 still in existence.  The features of this particular computer fall more in line with memorabilia.  This auction item includes the Apple 1 in its original shipping box and the return address on the packaging shows that the unit shipped from Jobs’ parents’ house.  The Apple 1 cassette interface as well as a signed letter from Apple cofounder Steve Jobs were also included in this auction item. 

Christie’s noted that before bidding began on the Apple 1 it was apparent how far Apple has come over the last 34 years as bidders studied Christie’s sale catalogue from the very popular iPad.  Bidders were also using the Christie’s App to follow the action as well.  Steve Wozniack was in attendance at the auction.  I’m sure in Wozniack’s wildest dreams he never imagined that the original Apple 1 he helped create in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage would ever sell for such an astronomical amount.