I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…at gap intelligence we are driven to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.  As gappers we trust that our hard work will turn into something great.  That was the case on May 31, 2012 when gap intelligence’s 3Ts partnered with the San Diego Blood Bank and held a blood drive at Liberty Station.

Leading up to the event the 3Ts blanketed Liberty Station with fliers.  The 3Ts also reached out to our office neighbors asking for their support.  GapU helped support the blood drive by ensuring that iron rich snack attacks were offered every Wednesday during the month of May.   Due to GapU’s support not one gapper was turned away from donating for iron deficient blood (YAAAAY SNACK ATTACK).

Our goal at our blood drive was to collect 28 pints.  We were very proud that we exceeded our goal by collecting not 28, but 35 pints!  We registered 47 donors on the day of the event.  Out of the 47 registered donors, 26 were first time donors.  It was a huge success!  It felt great to experience the event start from the early planning stages to a bustling donor center on the 31st.

gap intelligence’s 3Ts would like to say thank you to Leslie Eagan with the San Diego Blood Bank.  This event would have never gone off without a hitch without her ongoing support.  Thank you also to the amazing staff that ran the blood mobile the day of.   You truly were masters working in such close quarters with style and grace.

Each pint collected at the drive has the potential to save up to 3 lives.  With 35 pints collected, that is 245 patients.  Thank you to everyone that donated and contributed to such an important cause.   We can all take a second to pat ourselves on the back!