When I originally sat down to write this blog, as it is my first post, I started thinking about when I started at gap, how I’ve acclimated, what I’ve learned so far being here, etc. Then it hit me. My 1 year anniversary is just a few weeks away.

My name is Caitlin and I joined the gap intelligence team as a Software Engineer almost 1 year ago. I came to gap from another software job at a company that was unfortunately moving across the country. I’ve lived in San Diego the past four years and am not ready to leave.




My first year at gap has flown by. It’s been crazy, hectic, fun, productive and I’ve learned a ton. I came into gap wanting to improve my newly learned Ruby programming skills. Not only have I gotten a year of Ruby experience, I’ve gotten exposure to iOS and Android development and have attended 93 yoga classes (only 6000 to go for a free water bottle).

In my free time, outside of work, I stay pretty active. I love hiking, paddleboarding and going to the beach on weekends. I'm also a big fan of overcommitting to adult recreational sports like ultimate frisbee, soccer, and volleyball. Although I've been in San Diego a little while, I recently moved to Old Town and still enjoy exploring Southern California and being a tourist in my own city.

The encouraged work-life balance has been one of the best parts at gap. Lots of companies preach work-life balance but don’t actually support employees taking a break. The boot camps, yoga classes, wellness seminars, professional workshops, beach volleyball nights, gappy hours and the general proximity to Starbucks (.1 miles) all promote a great culture that in the end makes us more productive. Although, in the words of Lisa, the Starbucks could be closer.

Based on what this fantastic gap team has accomplished over the last year, I can’t help but look forward to my next year here. And for those who would like to help celebrate my gapiversary, champagne and gifts are welcome. Cheers!