Since I moved into my place back in February 2013, the refrigerator light has been out.  Not because the light bulb was burnt out, but because the tiny little switch was broken from the previous tenant (See picture above).  For months, I just accepted that I would never really be able to see my food when I opened the fridge.  I recently decided it was time I called my apartment manager to get it fixed.  After some serious finagling and negotiating, I convinced both the manager and landlord that I CLEARLY needed a whole new fridge.  Which got me thinkin’… If I could pick my own fridge, what would it be?  Having been part of the appliance team for a year now, I knew I had some good options.


Among the many different features, there are a few that stand out.  Appliance Analyst
Christine Boersing [Also known as CBo (pronounced See-Bo)] would likely choose GE’s Café CFE29TSDSS, a hot-water dispensing, French Door refrigerator.  CBo does drink a good amount of tea, and her pure excitement when this fridge first debuted leads me to believe this would be her favorite.



Kim Plavan, fellow DataOpper, would probably choose LG’s LFX31945ST.  A French Door refrigerator featuring Door-in-Door access would suit her well, as she has two young boys constantly opening the fridge.  Having been 10-years-old at one point in my life as well, I know that leaving the refrigerator door open was the least of my concerns back then.


Deskmate, Laurel Popplewell, would probably choose Samsung’s RF31FMESBSR.  Another French Door refrigerator, but with a built-in Soda Stream.  Laurel’s not big on soda (except on “Soda Fridays”), but loves lightly-flavored “fizzy water” with a passion.


Scott Peterson, Camera Analyst and fan of hit TV movie “Sharknado,” would choose none of the above.  He would probably wait until a refrigerator came with a camera app, then wait even longer until Frys offered it as a bundle with a 16GB memory card and bag.


As for myself, I would choose none of these as well.  I am a simple, bearded-man who really only cares about one thing: Bacon.  With that said, the only real important feature of a refrigerator is “How much bacon can it hold?”  With a storage capacity of 32.5 cubic feet, LG’s LFX33975ST refrigerator has the ability to hold a lot of bacon.  According to my calculations, the number of strategically-placed packs of Oscar Meyer Thick Cut Butcher Bacon (Think of it like Jenga, a particularly delicious game of Jenga) amounts to 1,702.  That’s bacon for days! (Disclaimer: The picture below is not the actual LFX33975ST).



With all of this said, my landlord will ultimately end up get me the Hanover HANRT12AW.  Its main feature:  Keeping things cold.  My dreams of a dedicated bacon-fridge will just have to wait.



*If you have questions about how I arrived at 1,702 packs of bacon, feel free to email me for bacon-dimensions and ensuing math.  Any inquiries related to thin-cut bacon will not be addressed.

**Other acceptable spellings of Christine Boersing’s nickname includes: C-Bo.  Any other forms including, but not limited to, SeeBo, SeeBow, and CeeBo are unacceptable.

***Contrary to popular belief, and contrary to this current post about food, I am still NOT a competitive eater (see also: An Elementary School Recess Sport turned Competitive May 3, 2013 and For the last time, I’m not into competitive eating… August 8, 2012).