The holidays have come and gone, we know who won the Super Bowl (Go Pats!!), and the stores are simultaneously putting out Valentine’s Day and Easter candy, but most importantly, it is gap intelligence Kickoff time! This is the time of year when we get together as an entire company to map out our vision, strategy, and tactics for the next 12 months.

gap intelligence is coming up on its 16th birthday this March and each year our annual kickoff becomes more valuable and impactful. As a veteran gapper going into my 13th year, I have witnessed some major greats at this company and 2019 will be no exception. With the backdrop of continuous improvement and doing great in all things, we are ready to take on 2019.

I am sure you have heard of the Golden Rule, right? Do unto others as you would like done to you…well, we are a bit more specific here at gap intelligence. We believe in the Golden Rule of Great.

We Do Great for Each Other, Our Clients, and Our Community.

Do Great for Each Other: 

One of our core values at gap intelligence is passion. From the second you walk into our doors, you see it. At our kickoff, CEO Gary Peterson brought his passion and wore it on his sleeve, literally, sporting his Flyer’s jersey, symbolizing the fun environment that we thrive in, Gary’s passion for the Flyers, and his loyalty and commitment that resonates with each and every gapper. 

Our culture is the glue that holds us together and the epitome of why people love working at gap intelligence. We continue to harness our culture and do great for each other. While happy hours and events are amazing and bond us, they are not culture. Living our values is what culture is all about.

Another area of focus for each gapper is setting and attaining our goals both individually and as a company. Our book club recently completed “The Culture Code” and one of the principles that stuck with us was ‘mental contrasting’, which is a visualization technique and an approach to positive thinking that includes both realism and pragmatism. Here’s how it works:

Think about a goal you want to achieve – it can be anything….once you have it, close your eyes and start to think about what it will be like to complete and accomplish that goal. What will your life look like after you complete this? How will things change? How will you feel?

Now, think about all of the obstacles that will pop up and any limiting thoughts or behaviors that stand before you. Be realistic about these and know that there will inevitably be challenges to completing your goal. Since you already envisioned the completion of your goal, you are now apt to naturally find ways to mitigate these obstacles. Your chances of accomplishing your goal are higher with this type of visualization.

Along with accomplishing new goals, gap intelligence is geared up to have a ton of fun with events such as celebrating our birthday month (March), gapCon, going to the Del Mar races, and it’s never too early to think about our epic holiday party!

Do Great for Our Clients: 

We bring the best customer service and insights to our clients each and every day through our people, our products, and our tools. We are committed to understanding our clients’ business needs and how we can help them achieve their goals.

As a competitive intelligence company, we not only seek and deliver insights about the categories that we track, but we apply the same method and approach to our clients. We want to know what keeps them up at night, what we can do to help them in their jobs, and how we can support them tactically and strategically, nothing is too big or small.

In this growing digital age, one of our greatest assets is our people and their ability to deliver personalized insights to each and every client. We are always a phone call, email, or even a visit away.

This year, gap intelligence will deliver new categories, improved products, and high levels of data and analysis. As a testament to our continued evolution of products and services, we recently launched Lookout, our price violation tracking service. We are all excited to bring our expertise to more clients in this space.

Do Great for Our Community:

Our CEO was inspired by the works of Ben and Jerry and their philosophy that a company does more than exist to make money, but also to contribute to its surrounding community. This principle has been and will always be a huge focus for gap intelligence and each individual gapper.

gap intelligence will once again be working with the Emilio Nares Foundation and organizing the 7th annual Drives for Rides golf tournament. If you enjoyed our Star Wars theme last year, get ready for this year’s James Bond 007 theme where we will be classy all the way! In the past 6 years, gap intelligence helped raise over $250,000 providing over 5,000 rides to kids and helping these San Diego families navigate through their child’s journey with cancer. This year, we are working to raise money and provide another 1,200 rides for the Emilio Nares Foundation's flagship program, Ride with Emilio.

In addition to the golf tournament and our quarterly events, our 3Ts (time, talent, treasure) committee is bringing us a new way to contribute to our community with Values Led Day. This is an opportunity for each gapper to receive a paid day to volunteer with an organization that they are passionate about. There are nearly 50 gappers at this point – if giving 400 additional hours of community service doesn’t scream commitment, I don’t know what does! I am personally excited to participate in Valued Led Day, as well as learn about new places that we contribute to with the hope of gaining more gap intelligence philanthropic partners in the future.

Do Great. The words we live by. The reason we are in business. This simple statement guides our decisions and encompasses what gap intelligence stands for. Do great for Each Other, Our Clients, and Our Community – each element feeds into another with the sum of its parts being greater than the individual.

We are excited to live our values, bring insights to our clients, and help our community thrive going into 2019.

Do you have what it takes to be a gapper? Head over the careers section at to learn more about open positions. Find more info the bottom of our about page.