What is gapCon?

In short, gapCon is an annual event put on by gap intelligence that is considered to be the company’s “Most Valuable Day of the Year”! As part of the committee, I have gotten a chance to see how truly fun and special this event is for gap intelligence. Each year we pick a theme (this year it was gapConnect), pick a venue, try to brainstorm on activities and speakers that will be the most valuable to the company, decide what the agenda will be, and, most importantly, determine how much and what kind of food and drink will be provided during the event.

The 2018 gapCon itinerary

What gapCon means to me:

After spending my first 5+ years with gap intelligence in the San Diego office, I moved to Jacksonville, FL where I now work remotely. Every day that I turn on the computer in my office, I realize how much I miss seeing the people that work at gap. But every day I also try to remember how lucky I am to still be a part of the company, even though I live on the other side of the country. This year gapCon was particularly special for me because I got to come to San Diego, be a part of the event, and see everyone who works at gap for the first time in months!

gapCon 2017 also happened to be my first day back from four months of maternity leave. I’m not going to lie, the thought of having to start work again after being able to spend every day with my precious baby girl was really hard for me. But I boarded a plane with my baby and 4-year old son, and we flew cross country so that I could be a part of gap’s Most Valuable Day of the Year! Talk about a fun way to start back up at work!

gapper Group Photo

Every year, I get a lot out of attending gapCon. But this year, I got even more. Here are a few of the major reasons why this year’s event was so special for me:

  • I got to see all of my fellow coworkers in a fun and casual environment
  • I got a chance to connect with coworkers and not have to worry about distracting everyone in the office with a crying baby and a 4-year old who wanted to repeatedly launch himself onto a bean bag chair
  • I learned more about several of our employees and their unique paths to gap intelligence
  • I listened to a panel talk about the importance of connections within their professions and work environments
  • I was reminded that the connections that I’ve made and continue to make in life and at gap, could prove to be invaluable at any point in the future, even when I least expect it
  • I learned more about the interests of my coworkers during the trivia game – which was way fun
  • I got to feel like I was “connected” to something bigger than myself
  • And finally, I got to stay out “late” and continue to connect with my coworkers until 9pm (watch out!). Trust me, I’m not out until 9pm very often.

The gapCon SnapChat filter.

This year in particular, gapCon was an excellent reminder of how fortunate I am to work for such a fun company that does so much for its employees. Working remote means I don’t get to participate in Snack Attacks, free yoga, happy hours, and picnics (I could go on and on but it’s making me sad). Anyway, the point is that even though I do miss out on the regular things that gap offers, I’m so thankful that I was able to attend and be a part of gapCon 2017. It really was my Most Valuable Day of the Year!