When it comes to analyzing MFP dealer wholesale pricing for an entire region, it’s important to consider countries individually as country-level pricing can vary widely. For the past couple of years, gap intelligence has been collecting dealer wholesale pricing across nine countries in three regions including EMEA, America, and Asia-Pacific. During that time, gap intelligence has talked to dealers about their programs, gained insight into the most competitive brands and pricing available in each country, and has cultivated a larger understanding of how each country and region competes through the MFP dealer channel. Most importantly, gap intelligence has learned how each individual country can offer a unique perspective of pricing that can vary a great deal from a neighboring country in the same region.

EU Pricing Analysis

gap intelligence recently published its first half-year refreshes for the Italy, Germany, and France MFP Dealer Cost Reports. From these reports, we conducted a pricing analysis of three same-segment and product type MFPs from three brands currently available in each country. We then analyzed how each brand compared with respect to price for the MFPs in each EMEA country:

A3 Workgroup Standard Dealer Costs

A3 Workgroup MFP 35ppm Standard Dealer Cost Comparison Chart

The chart above shows the Standard Dealer Cost for three A3 workgroup 35ppm MFPs from three brands available in the most recent Italy, Germany, and France Dealer Cost Reports. In Italy, the three brands’ MFPs vary from $3,877 (Brand 1’s MFP) to $6,574 (Brand 2’s MFP). When looking at the same products in Germany, the Standard Dealer Cost ranges from $4,993 to $6,200, with Brand 3 showing the highest cost of the three. Finally, the products in France have the smallest range of prices from $5,826 to $6,017, with Brand 3 now offering the lowest price and Brand 2 offering the highest price. From this, the data shows that Brand 2 offered the highest standard dealer costs in two countries, Brand 1 offered the lowest costs in two countries, but Brand 3 had the lowest, middle, or highest price in each of the three countries. 

A4 Small Workteam Standard Dealer Costs

A4 Small Workteam MFP 30ppm Standard Dealer Cost Comparison

If we look at a different segment, we find similar results. The above chart shows three A4 Small Workteam 30ppm MFP Standard Dealer Costs for three brands. Data reveals that in Italy, Brand B has the highest Standard Dealer Cost of the three products at $1,337 while Brand C shows the lowest Standard Dealer Cost at $957. In Germany when comparing the same three products, Brand C’s MFP is the highest of the three priced at $1,500 while Brand B shows the lowest priced MFP at $990. Brand C remains the highest cost of the three MFPs in France at $1,414, but Brand A offers the lowest priced MFP at $951. This comparison offers similar key takeaways; Brand C has the highest costs in two countries, Brand A offers middle prices in two countries, and Brand B has the lowest, middle, or highest price in each of the three countries. In this scenario however, each brand was the lowest priced A4 MFP of the three products in each country.

Unique Pricing per Country

This analysis shows that a comparison of similar products in different countries within the same region is not always consistent. One brand may typically offer higher prices between two countries, but can offer the lowest price in another country. In other instances, brands can all vary on providing the lowest pricing for MFPs in each country, as shown for each Brand in the A4 comparison offering the lowest price in at least one country of the three. Overall, it’s not always accurate to assume that the way the pricing is structured in one country will dictate how the pricing is structured in another country in the same region.

When considering the dealer wholesale pricing available for MFPs in the EMEA region, it’s important to look at multiple countries simultaneously in an effort to understand the complex and diverse pricing brands can offer. gap intelligence collects pricing in four countries in the EMEA region alone (Italy, Germany, France, and UK) to provide clients with multiple options to understand an entire region’s MFP wholesale pricing. In addition to the pricing available in EMEA, gap intelligence also offers pricing in US, Mexico, and Canada for the America region, and Australia and India for the Asia-Pacific region. Most reports are updated twice a year and are available for discounted rates when purchased with multiple countries. Please contact sales@gapintelligence.com for more information.

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