When history’s most popular product gets a refresh at the biggest launch event of the year, who are going to call  for some insight and a sound bite?


Gurpreet Kaur, that’s who.

Easily the most sought after color commentator / analyst in San Diego this week has been Gurpreet Kaur, gap intelligence’s Industry Analyst who covers the Tablet market.  During Apple CEO, Tim Cook’s, presentation of the new iPad, NBC’s Consumer Bob traveled to gapHeadquarters to interview Gurpreet Kaur for his evening report.  Gurpreet was literally listening to Tim Cook’s presentation when Consumer Bob stormed gapHeadquarters for an EXCLUSIVE interview!!!

A funny side note to Consumer Bob’s visit:  Chris and I were in a meeting during this entire event and had absolutely no idea that Consumer Bob and his camera crew were in the office.  Hours had passed before I learned that Gurpreet would be on the evening news and that Consumer Bob had even been in the building.

Soon after the paparazzi filmed Gurpreet here at gapHeadquarters, she was then asked to appear in a technology segment for CBS Channel 8 morning news.  Though the segment starts with a monologue from Conan O’Brien, it was our Gurpreet Kaur who stole the show. Watch her whimsically throw the banter back to Dan Cohen!

All in a day’s work for the City’s Most Talked About Analyst – Gurpreet Kaur-Dashian.  The only problem now is to walk through the mob of reporters and cameramen to get to our cars….

Paparrazi, rue du quatre Septembre, Paris