gap intelligence is a values-led company, but what does that mean? By being a values-led company, it means that we care.  We care about our clients and the research that we provide them, which makes us an industry leader in market intelligence.  We care deeply about each other and have built a culture-comes-first work environment that cherishes the time we spend here at the office.  We also care about our local community and believe that business has a responsibility to give back to the people and the city that make its existence possible.

The Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF) believes that no sick child should miss their treatment due to a lack of transportation.  To help support this effort, ENF serves to navigate families through their child’s journey with cancer.  The organization provides low-income families free transportation to and from hospital appointments.  ENF’s staff and volunteers also provide parents with in-hospital resource facilities and serve as liaisons between families and medical staff.  Noting the over 300 families that ENF serves in Southern California, the organization has a profound impact on families and saves lives.

On May 2, 2014, gap intelligence hosted its second annual “Drives for Rides” golf tournament to benefit the Emilio Nares Foundation.  Our first tournament was an enormous success as we raised enough funds to cut ENF a check for over $10,000.  Many, many months before our second tournament, we decided to make some big changes.  Our first tournament was spearheaded by yours truly (Gary) and for the second time around it was decided that we needed a leadership change – bring in Katie Hess.

Katie’s first initiative as CEO of “Drives for Rides” was to create the same business fundamentals for the golf tournament that we hold so dearly for gap intelligence.  We are inspired by the book “Good to Great” and Katie’s 3Ts internal committee that drives our social giving efforts has its own “Hedgehog”: “Inspiring community impact through charitable opportunities.”  Katie and her team drafted the 3Ts’ core values: Creativity, Optimism, and Compassion.  Lastly, the team crafted a vision for the “Drives for Rides” golf tournament: “ENF’s most impactful annual fundraising event (notice it doesn’t say ‘golf tournament’).”

With the fundamentals in place, Katie and the 3Ts team led gap intelligence to achieve something truly remarkable:

  • The number of golfers in attendance grew from 88 to 117
  • Sponsorship revenues increased from $5,000 to $13,100
  • Hole Sponsorships jumped from $1,600 to $5,350
  • The number of prizes increased from 41 ($5,000) to 97 ($13,000)
  • The pace of play increased by a full hour (20% faster)

And after all of the tips, sponsorships, and golf was over, Katie, 3Ts, and gap intelligence tripled our donation to the Emilio Nares Foundation from $10,000 to over $32,000 – a staggering total by any measure (Katie’s goal was to raise $15,000).  A “Ride with Emilio” van that shuttles families to and from medical treatments consumes roughly $2,000 worth of gasoline every month – we just kept a van going for over year.  Each van serves roughly 150 families with a child fighting cancer, which means we helped keep 150 kids make their appoints for the next year.  We might have even helped to save some lives.

While some might say that our success was due to this being our second tournament, I say it is all about the fundamentals: Hedgehog (mission), Values, and Vision.  “Drives for Rides” had a vision that was a rallying cry for the entire team.  The team held itself accountable to its own set of core values (creative, optimism, compassion), which were naturally conveyed to all of those who attended.

Here is a little proof, in reflecting back on the golf tournament, ENF Founder Richard Nares exclaimed, “This wasn’t a golf tournament, it felt like an event.  An event where people visited, talked, enjoyed each other’s company and stayed well into the night.”

Drives for Rides 2014 Vision: “ENF’s most impactful event of the year.”  You’re darn right.

gap intelligence is a values-led company.  You’re darn right.

If you’re a gapper, one of our dear clients, or just a friend of gap intelligence (FoG), you should be proud of what this little company has done.  We bought over a year’s supply of gas to help navigate 150 families through their child’s journey with cancer.

You’re darn right.

See ya next year.

Special thanks go out to our wonderful sponsors including the Doyle Family, Jack Corrao, UPS, and Silvergate Bank!