I have long been bullish on the impact that the smart phone / device industry would have on printing.  Many, many of my counterparts believe that the iPhone, anDroid, iPad, and Microsoft’s upcoming Digital Journal will eliminate the need to print.  I, on the other hand, honestly believe that we are not installing hundreds of millions of smart phones across Earth, but we are actually installing hundreds of millions of little computers that will one day need to print.  The need to print from a smart device will come naturally, much like how printing developed around 5 – 8 years after the birth of the personal PC.  Early personal computer users were first in “shock and awe” around their new found device (like your iPhone) and it took some time for users to generate printing needs for software developers to address.

They just haven’t found a need to print……yet.  It will come.

Take for example Microsoft’s new Digital Journal, a product coming out later this year that I really, really, want.  The journal will replace my $1.50 composition notebook that I take to meetings.  Questions:  Where is the opportunity for me to generate prints with my composition notebook?  Where are the opportunities for me to generate prints with my Digital Journal?  I agree.

Microsoft – send one here please.