Hello!! My name is Lisa and I’m one of the newest additions to gap intelligence. I’ve been with the company for almost a month and am part of the consumables group; tracking data for paper, ink and toner products. It’s been quite inspiring as I learn the ins and outs of these intricate items that I now view in a whole new light. I’m very happy to be here as part of the dynamic gap team.

My previous employment was part of the Marketing team for a San Diego based trading card company, Upper Deck, where I was able to capitalize on my huge love of sports. I was brought up playing sports and am fanatic of all outdoor recreation. I played varsity tennis at the University of Vermont where I received my Bachelors in Business. Being born and raised in Burlington, Vermont allowed for a lot of outdoor creativity. For those of you who are geographically challenged, Vermont is part of New England and is situated between New York and New Hampshire with Canada to our north and Massachusetts to our south. Most often when I tell people I’m from Vermont, I get that blank stare like they are racking their brain trying to picture in their head where Vermont is on a map. I feel most people forget it’s even a state (no joke). It was actually an amazing place to grow up and was recently voted #2 among a poll of America’s Great Places to Live.

Burlington is on a large lake, Lake Champlain, and is about 30 min. from the closest skiing mountain. Yes, I’m a skier; kind of old school, but proud of it. Montreal, Quebec is about 1.5 hours away and is our version of Tijuana; meaning you can cross the border and go to the bars at the ripe age of 18. Our professional sports loyalties mostly lie with the Massachusetts teams: Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, the Bruins, and the Celtics. However, we are actually a melting pot of all things sports. I’m a Patriots fan (or just Pats for short), Bruins fan, and a NY Yankees fan. My dad happens to be a NY Giants fan and a Red Sox fan. My sister is a Red Sox fan and a Pats fan. It’s hard to explain why we Vermonters justify the mixed affiliations, but you really have to have grown up there to understand. Vermont is nearly equal distance to New York City and Boston. I know several people that have grown up following a New York sports team and a Boston sports team, and it just was normal to me. I still don’t think it’s really that weird. I’ve lived in San Diego for almost 10 years, and I’m almost always ridiculed for it. When it comes down to it, I can’t blame people for being jealous as my teams, the ones I’ve grown up watching and rooting for since I was a kid, are the best teams in the nation. As much as I enjoy living in such an amazing city that has two professional sports entities, the Chargers and the Padres, I don’t think I’ll ever fully convert.

Go Pats! Go Yankees!