Here at gap intelligence we take pride in being a values-led company. We are passionate about our clients, each other, and our community. Luckily, gap is located in beautiful San Diego and while gap has had offices located throughout the entire city, we have found a home in Liberty Station for the past 5 years. Just like how gap has grown and continued to develop ourselves, so has Liberty Station.

Liberty Station was originally a Naval Training Center that opened in 1923. Over the decades that followed, the center grew into a major part of the military and accommodated 33,000 people at the peak of WWII. Even after the war, the NTC played a key strategic role as San Diego is home to a large part of the Navy's fleet.

Since the 1990s Liberty Station has become home to schools, art studios, gyms, businesses, and so much more. It's arguably one of the coolest places to work in San Diego and has an incredible amount of amenities to offer. gap employees struggle every day deciding whether to attend a class at Yoga6 or Point Loma Sports Club; go down to the park and jog along the water; or to skip the workout completely and grab a bite to eat (and maybe a local SD beer) at the newest restaurant. With so many great places already at Liberty Station and even more on the way with the Public Market opening up this fall, I've created a cheat sheet to enjoy the best that Liberty Station has to offer.

  • Favorite place to grab a sandwich: Con Pane
    With a number of different types of sandwiches and just as many freshly baked bread options to choose from, Con Pane is my favorite spot to grab a Seasoned Roast Beef, iced tea, and relax outside on the patio enjoying the typical SD weather. If you're craving something sweet, grab one of their cinnamon rolls but be warned, it may result in making weekly trips just to get one!
  • Favorite place to workout: Outside!
    At gap intelligence, we prioritize healthy living and one of the biggest perks of working at Liberty Station is being able to walk out of the office and enjoy trails and paths that are perfect for walking or running. Everything is walking distance so if you need a quick 15 minute break to grab a coffee or want to release some stress and go for a quick run, Liberty Station has you covered.
  • Favorite hidden gem: The Loma Club
    This 9-hole executive golf course is tucked into a corner, but is a little Liberty Station oasis. Whether you want to play a quick game before a work day or grab a local beer and play some bags on their patio (complete with fire pit) The Loma Club is the place to go.
  • Favorite new addition: Soda & Swine
    I can't say enough good things about the second location of Soda & Swine. The food is delicious, the number of beers on tap is trouble, and their 12-person foosball table provides tons of fun. They have set the bar very high for every new restaurant that opens up and are my number one spot I take people who visit me at gap intelligence.

Liberty Station has become a hotspot for local food, drink, and entertainment in San Diego and I am so happy that gap intelligence gets to be a part of the community.    I can't wait to see what else is in store for us, but for now I'll sign off and go grab a meatball slider and beer float over at Soda & Swine.