gap intelligence’s Weekly Merchant Overview (WMO) is a powerful report that puts your opposing team’s playbook in your back pocket. The WMO is an evolved deliverable that illustrates gap’s raw and granular data in a visually appealing report, while representing the unique and dynamic culture that gap embodies, together in one fell swoop. It is a representation of gap intelligence and our ongoing commitment to evolving the business intelligence platform. Representing our company "hedgehog" through accurate, timely, and reliable industry data embedded in our values-led culture.

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What is the WMO?

The WMO is a deliverable that is published on a weekly basis, recapping the week’s key OEM activity, in-store merchandising by retailer, price and placement changes, in-store promotions, and advertising by brand. All of this rich data is wrapped up with key points that are written from our analysts’ unique in-the-trenches perspective. The WMO weaves together the impactful happenings within unique industries, in a chapter by chapter format for each retailer. Each chapter is peppered with gap’s unique analytic insights and topped off with actual ad images and in-store photographs of retail changes. Using the influential data gathered from the Merchant Pricing Trends, Retail Advertising, and Promotions tabs within our weekly Pricing & Promotion Report, our analyst team is able to quantify insight into specific industries, streamlining all of the data presented in our reports into bite-sized chunks.

Gap Intelligence Weekly Merchant Overview

How Does It Come Together?

It is a department-wide effort to make the Weekly Merchant Overview come to life every week that requires teamwork and communication. This playbook ultimately comes together through a series of hand offs. The process begins with our in-field retail collectors that scour the retail landscape to beam insights back to the gap mothership. Our in-house ads collection team gathers advertisements from print and online ads, inputting them into our database. We also have assistance from a home grown web crawler that monitors online pricing. The team then turns these plays into comprehensive snapshots that provide and capture a clear view of the channel and competitive landscape in compelling charts and graphs. Our analyst team complements the data with concise and forward-thinking bullet points, which allow our clients to make sense of the happenings throughout the week without having to manually dig through gap’s massive database.

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gap intelligence’s Pricing & Promotion Reports can be a lot to take in, and the WMO provides a client-friendly summation of the week with actionable bullet points and corresponding imagery. The WMO is a summary of the Pricing & Promotion Report, providing a bird’s eye view of the marketplace. Each step that goes into the WMO is sequential in nature and would not be possible without the well-oiled machine that is our team. In essence, the WMO takes the numbers off of the spreadsheet, captures in-store marketing activity, and represents these insights into a playbook that allows manufacturers to have impactful on-the-field information.