It is back to school time once again! In case you missed the Hogwarts Express September 1st (and didn't have access to a Flying Ford Anglia), don't worry!  In honor of the start of the Hogwarts school term, gap intelligence is launching our very own Wizarding World of Market Intelligence Reports. Providing you with all the competitive intelligence you need to earn some house points!

Nimbus Racing Broom Company last week officially announced in the Daily Prophet that its new racing broom line will soon be available in Diagon Alley. Three new racing brooms are in stores at Diagon Alley merchants Brigg’s Brooms, Broomstix, ans Quality Quidditch Supplies, and are eligible for back order. The new line replaces the previous Nimbus 2000 and Nimbus 2001. The new Nimbus 2002, Nimbus 2002 Seeker Edition (SE), and Nimbus 3000 bring generational improvements centered on upgraded handling including faster speeds, enhanced braking charms,  and exclusive to the new Seeker Edition, improved Cushioning & Acceleration Charms  to provide increased lumbar support, comfort, and less splintering with superior acceloration. Nimbus Racing Broom Company’s announcement comes roughly three weeks after preliminary pricing and product names were identified by gap intelligence's Europe Muggle-Wizard Research Team (see also: Broomstick Snapshot: Universal Brooms Ltd Returning to the Market?)

gap impact summary

  • New Nimbus racing brooms bring the fastest flight speeds currently available in both consumer and closed competitive markets
  • Other enhancements include upgraded handling capabilities including balace, increased braking, heightened acceleration, and additional lumbar support for more comfort while in flight with minimal splintering no matter the flight conditions
  • New racing brooms from Nimbus Racing Broom Company officially discontinue the vendor’s previous models: Nimbus 2000 Nimbus 2001
  • Estimated Retail Price higher compared to predecessors (ERPs range from ʛ1250 – ʛ2,000)

Quality Quidditch Supplies Retail Display

Strategic and Lineup Impact

Nimbus Racing Broom Company’s refresh of its racing broom line marks an important milestone for the organization, which has dominated the broom market as the number one vendor since 1967. Nimbus Racing Broom Company will be the first to introduce a Seeker special edition broom to the market.

In regards to lineup impact, the complete refresh and upgrade of Nimbus Racing Broom Company’s racing line immediately enhances its portfolio. While Nimbus Racing Broom Company places high strategic priority on its Racing broom technology, the vendor’s recent announcement underscores the company’s view that broomstick evolution and increased broomstick specialization is a necessity, even if only currently positioned as a portfolio “complement".

Nimbus 2002 Seeker Edition SE Concept Sketch

Product Overview

  • Faster Flight Speeds – Nimbus Racing Broom Company’s new broomsticks include faster flight speeds with all models reaching 0-200mph in less than 10 seconds increasing speeds from the previous models by 33%.
  • Improved Charms – Nimbus Racing Broom Company’s new Racing Brooms offer substantially increased cushioning, accelerating, and breaking charms providing additional comfort and increased handling. Specifically, the Nimbus 2002 Seeker edition utilizes an enhanced Cushioning Charm positioning the feature as Nimbus Racing Broom Company’s “most comfortable ride ever.” – Witch Weekly
  • Customizeable handle – Broomstick handles available for all models in Mahoganey, Aspen, Maple, and for the more experienced and skilled Witches and Wizards: Black Walnut

Competitive Impact

Nimbus Racing Broom Company’s launch of its updated line brings noteworthy competitive pressures to the Racing Broom market.  In its launch, Nimbus Racing Broom Company improves and increases broomstick flight speed and handling capabilities, but at a cost. While increasing ERPs between Racing Broom generations, these shifts, along with Seeker specialized Broomsticks, increase the competitiveness of Nimbus Racing Broom Company’s racing broom line.  This also enables the vendor to tout a number of marketable features that include “fastest flight speeds ever”.


With the launch of the new Racing Brooms for open distribution, Nimbus Racing Broom Company is also expected to launch comparable devices in the UK intended for other specialized rolls on the Quidditch Pitch. Beyond the launch of new Racing Broom models, Nimbus Racing Broom Company isexpected to continue its refresh cycle with the addition of its Quidditch Lineup, which is approaching over 20 years in the channel. No word on when these brooms will make their way to the US market or if Nimbus Racing Broom Company will be releasing additional Quodpot specialized brooms.