Whether you’re in the market for something for yourself, like new headphones, or something for the house, like new appliances, or something for the office, like a new copier, navigating the shopping experience can be daunting. Although gap intelligence’s analysts monitor channels each week with the focus of helping our clients improve their competitiveness , gappers can also spot a great deal for consumers when they see one and let them know what the most current trends are. Let some of our experts share their advice!


One of gap intelligence’s newest services is headphones! Analyst Jason Barry enlightened us on the direction of the category and how to score a good deal.

Jason: “A big development is improved Bluetooth performance, which enables a better true-wireless experience. This leads to smaller form factors, like earbuds, which now account for 20% of retail shelf space in the headphone category. Manufacturers are now expanding top-line features, like noise cancellation, down to earbuds. Manufacturers are speeding up the line refreshes, so some of the best deals in headphones can be found as new models hit the channel. Buying the previous generation can get you some great features and a good price.”


Let’s say you’re shopping for new appliances, what can you expect? Analyst Christine Edwards says that previous years saw new color options, like black stainless, but moving into 2020 it’s all about connectivity.

Christine: “The smart home concepts that began with Nest thermostats or Ring doorbells have made their way into the kitchen. Everything from smart refrigerators to WiFi enabled ranges and microwaves will be hot for 2020. Manufactures are looking to create a communication and organizational hub in the heart of the home – the kitchen.”

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If your upcoming purchases have more of a business focus, we have analysts for that too. Analyst Valerie Alde-Hayman reports that printers have also evolved with greater connectivity, which is critical to today’s workplace. IoT, Big Data, workflow solutions and security are all areas the print industry is leaning into.

Valerie: “Buying a discounted printer isn’t tough, as there are deals all the time. The key is being aware of the cost to print on the machine, which can vary widely with the cost of supplies. Manufacturers are offering supplies subscription services marketed as convenient for consumers, but the services also lock in the revenue of brand-name supplies purchases. The key to getting the best printer is knowing why you need it – mobile printing, photos, occasional use. Here’s a quick guide to help you narrow the options – Choosing the Perfect Printer.


If you need to take your document management to the next level, you’re looking at an MFP-Copier. Likely this machine will be connected to multiple users and security is increasingly a concern. Analyst Lisa Brown says that unlike other categories, this is often an assisted sale that takes place through a dealer or direct branch.

Lisa: “Know what you need from an MFP in terms of volumes, capabilities, color, or accessories. A dealer will often offer a package that is priced by page or “click” that will include supplies and maintenance, so your costs can be easily predicted. And they are usually open to negotiating.”

gap Perks

Our gap intelligence clients have access to these experts and others that are focused on a number of different product categories. All of them have a few things in common: they love data and they also enjoy partnering with clients to navigate an ever-changing marketplace. The satisfaction comes from helping clients be successful by bringing gap data to life in an actionable way.  A bonus is knowing the best deals around and what the latest technology is!

Some perks of being a gap intelligence analyst include a varied workflow – never bored – to working with an amazing group of people with a work hard, play hard mentality. gap intelligence’s values-led culture brings together a unique group of individuals who together, create an elite team of industry experts.

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