Now that Halloween has passed and Starbucks now serves up tasty beverages (ie peppermint mocha) in their cliché “winter-themed” cups, it’s officially time for the holiday season!  With Black Friday in the past and the hint of snow in the air…. well maybe not snow in San Diego… I thought I would catch up with my fellow gappers to see if they are feeling the holiday spirit.

What is your favorite holiday?

Karen: “Christmas because my whole family gets together for the only time all year.”

Michelle: “New Years Eve and Day.  NYE because you go out and rock it and New Years Day because I eat food all day with people I never get to see.”

Matt : “Christmas… just because.”

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Christine “B: Stuffing… carbs!”

Scott: “Fried Turkey.” (note: there has only been 1 “turkey-on-fire” incident)

Deron & Liana: “Mashed Potatoes!””

What is on your holiday wishlist?

Taryn: “A bike rack for the back of my car.”

Christine A : “Video games, either Diablo 4 or Skyrim.”

Keenan: “A spinning reel and tickets to see the Patriots beat the Chargers.” (In your dreams Keenan!)

What are your plans over the winter break?

Deirdre: “Visit family in Minneapolis.”

Jake:” Going home to Boston to visit family, go to a wedding, and attend a Celtics game, if there even is a season!”

Katie: “Going to the Festival of Lights at Mammoth Mountain, doing a little bit of fly fishing, and… VEGAS BABY!  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

All in all, it looks like gap is full of holiday cheer!  Just thinking about all the food, fun, friends, and family has got me super excited!  Hope everyone has a Happy Holidays!