Tomorrow I will be visiting Best Buy and Microsoft.  Why, you ask?  Because tomorrow Microsoft will release Windows 10 in one of the most anticipated yet unassuming launches of the company’s time.  In lieu of a fancy party, the company will hold celebrations in 13 cities around the world, including New York City, where Windows Insiders fans will be able to meet members of the Windows team and gain hands-on opportunities with Windows 10.  Don’t worry, the rest of us will be able to visit Microsoft retail stores for our chance to experience pop-up demos and prizes as well.  Best Buy also announced brand new Windows 10 PCs in its Sunday ad this week and will offer trainings with the new operating system, and I intend on getting all of the tips and tricks.

After I have received all of my new Windows swag and learned everything I can from the Geek Squad, I will tune in to ESPN.  Now why am I sharing this with you?  Because I am celebrating the Special Olympics, just as Microsoft is.  Microsoft exclaimed that as it strives to make the most important upgrades this year, it also seeks to support those that are doing so throughout the world.  In celebration of the Windows 10 launch, 10 global non-profits will receive $500,000 and 10 local non-profits in 10 countries will receive $50,000 in cash investments, plus technology from Microsoft.  

The Special Olympics is one of these top global non-profits chosen by Microsoft, as the organization upgrades the world through the power of sports.  The movement unlocks the joy and confidence of people with intellectual disabilities, who then inspire others and unite communities with their strength and courage.  I was fortunate enough to experience part of the weeklong magic at the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles, where we stood behind USA’s own Destiny Sanchez and met athletes from around the world, like these track stars from Pakistan.

You too can be involved in any of the organizations, or vote for your own!  Watch the video below and tell us how you will #upgradeyourworld!  
#upgradeyourworld: This video features a number of inspiring people using Windows to educate others and help make their communities a better place “because people who do move the world forward.”


In case you are wondering about other workings whirling around in the world of Windows, just two weeks ago Microsoft initiated the bulk of its mainstream marketing.  Its YouTube channel features several playlists showcasing Windows 10 in other ways as well, including highlights of the OS, behind-the-scenes footage, and its latest television commercials.  

10 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10:  The 10 online shorts use the same music, with expressions starting with “Do __ things”, and ending with “Do obvious things, like upgrade to Windows 10 for free” (using a number of different terms, including nada, zilch, and zero)
•    Continuum: highlighting the ability to easily switch from touch to type (phone to PC) mode
•    Music and More: with upgraded apps that work universally across your different devices
•    Windows Hello: showing how you can ditch passwords with the use of facial recognition and biometrics
•    Security: enhanced Secure Boot, Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello 
•    It’s Familiar: putting the best of Windows 7, especially the Start menu, with the best of Windows 8
•    Cortana: find things (eureka!), get suggestions, and set up reminders that will sync across platforms and devices
•    Microsoft Edge: page write up and sharing, Cortana integration, offline reading, reading view, 112% faster than Chrome
•    Xbox: stream games from Xbox One to Windows 10 tablet or PC, record games, DirectX 12 graphics, game socially with Xbox Live
•    Multi-Doing: Snap Assist allows you to work in 4 apps on the same screen, access to unlimited virtual desktops, Action Center pops up news/reminders/messages and archives them all, open all apps/windows/desktops as thumbnail in task view  

"Introducing Windows 10" Commercials: Microsoft uses the simplicity and intuition of children to show how computing should and will be, “because these kids will grow up with Windows 10: a more human way to do”

  • The future starts now:  the 60 second commercial uses the footage of children to explain how we touch everything (everything will be touchscreen), we write whenever and wherever (online page write up), simplicity of facial recognition (no more passwords), and talking naturally (Cortana), noting that “as they grow and get better at things, their technology will too, they will do things their parents never even dreamed of because these kids will grow up with Windows 10.”  The commercial finishes claiming that “The future starts now, for all of us.  Windows 10: the more human way to do.”

  • The future starts now (30): The 30 second and 15 second shorts describe perks of Windows 10:
    • Your own personal assistant: “Imagine, he will have his own personal assistant that will learn all about him”
    • Don’t worry about password: “Imagine, she won’t have to worry about passwords or obsess about security, she’ll log in with her smile”
    • A more human way to use the web: “Imagine, this guy won’t just surf the web, he’ll touch it, scribble on in, and share it”  

Windows 10 Hero Desktop Image – Behind the Scenes: Inspiration of the latest Windows image is a one point perspective, looking at the logo as a portal to look into space