The Fifth Annual Drives for Rides golf tournament to support the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF) will be a fiesta to remember since it falls on Cinco de Mayo (we have tequila and cervezas chilling already). This event will take place on May 5, 2017, at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course and 100% of the proceeds will benefit ENF. Drives for Rides includes a day of golf in a spectacular setting, as well as a raffle and silent auction with top notch prizes, and a crazy fun dinner reception.

Over the last 4 years, Drives for Rides has cumultively raised $123,000 for ENF. Every year, Drives for Rides seeks to make as significant impact as possible for an organization that is near and dear to our hearts. This year, our goal is to raise $50,000, which will provide 1,000 rides for ENF. The key to hitting this milestone is to get a Title sponsor. What is needed from a Title Sponsor you ask? A commitment, a desire to be a part of something very special, and a very generous $15,000 donation in which 100% goes directly to ENF.

Need to know more? Here are the top 3 reasons your organization should grab your check book and become the Title sponsor for Drives for Rides:

Encinitas Ranch Golf Course

ONE:     The Emilio Nares Foundation is an Incredible Cause to Support

It’s easy to forget that not everyone has the means to get their child to and from lifesaving doctor's appointments. ENF takes the pressure off families so that they can focus on getting their child better. The Emilio Nares Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps families navigate their child’s journey through cancer and provides programs to support a child’s best chance of recovery. Founded in 2003 by Richard and Diane Nares, who lost their son, Emilio, to leukemia, ENF provides free services for families and patients through one of the most difficult (and sometimes devastating) times of their lives. The flagship Ride With Emilio pediatric cancer patient transportation program ensures that no child misses a life-saving cancer treatment due to lack of transportation in three southern California counties. For more information on the amazing work ENF does, visit If you are looking for a worthy philanthropic cause to support, look no more!

Drives for Rides staff.

TWO:     {YOUR COMPANY}’s Drives for Rides Golf Tournament is Great PR

The Title sponsorship for Drives for Rides is a PR Dream.

  • The Title sponsor for Drives for Rides will have their name plastered EVERYWHERE – on all signage, blasted via all social media platforms, and shouted from the top of all mountains
  • Your Title sponsorship will be featured on the news as well as in print publications
  • Every press release will have your name front and center.
  • Twelve KPBS advertisements will sing your organization’s praises
  • Your company will have the red carpet rolled out for it at Drives for Rides
  • The tournament kickoff speech and dinner toast will be yours to give (we will even let you drop the mic if you want)

You will be a total rock star while supporting ENF. It’s a win win.


THREE:     We Do All the Work

If you are concerned about the work that goes into hosting a tournament, don’t be! All heavy lifting will fall to us. This is our fifth time hosting Drives for Rides and we are a well-oiled machine. Your only job is to lift a pen to write that check for $15,000. Selling out the tournament, staffing the tournament, donation collection, and dinner festivities will all be ran seamlessly by our team. As our Title sponsor, all that we ask is that you have fun at the tourney and bask in all the adoration.

Drives for Rides staff.

Ready to Get Involved?

The Fifth Annual Drives for Rides is going to be awesome awesome awesome and we would love for you to be a part of it. If a $15,000 Title sponsorship isn’t available in your piggy bank there are other sponsorship options available:

  • Major: $7,500
  • Tournament: $5,000
  • Course: $3,000
  • Hole in One: $1,500
  • Beverage: $750
  • Hole: $300 a hole

Greens fees are $200 per golfer and include golf, cart, lunch, drinks, dinner, and loads of fun prizes. For prize donation opportunities contact Don't forget, all greens fees, prize donations, and sponsorships are tax deductible! More information on how you can support Drives for Rides can be found HERE.

I only have one question left: Are you our Title sponsor?

Drives for Rides flier.