You've read about the golf tournament from Gary, the CEO's perspective, and you've read about Drives for Rides from the 3Ts perspective, but you're probably wondering whether this little ol' golf tourney is really all that it's cracked up to be for the golfers. 

I'm here to tell you, it is. Yes, I realize that I am a bit biased because I work here at gap intelligence so I spent some time interviewing non-gapper golfers. And if the quotes below aren't enough, hopefully the 82% retention rate (can't argue GFD) convinces you to mark your calendar for the first Friday of May going forward. Forever.

#1: It's more than just golf.

  • "You're not just playing golf, you're contributing to something pretty amazing." 
  • "You're out there on the course, enjoying the sunshine, whacking some golf balls, knowing that your participation and the money raised goes directly to an incredible cause."

#2: Volunteers are available and personable.

  • "The volunteers are so nice! Everyone is happy to be there."
  • "I was treated like a rockstar on every hole."

#3: We keep the golfers moving and grooving.

  • "The time management on the course was unlike any other tournament I have played in. In all other tournaments, there always seems to be a ton of waiting around. I never felt that way this year."
  • "Check-in was easy and efficient."

#4: It's fun, fun, fun!

  • "That golf ball cannon was effing kool." 
  • "Nice balance of holes with activities and holes without."

#5: Delicious food and drinks.

  • "I never went thirsty. Or hungry."
  • "Lunch and cocktails were tasty."

#6: You can win things!

  • "The raffle and silent auction prizes were top notch this year. I had to hold back from bidding on everything."
  • "There are so many things that make the tournament great, from knowing you are helping a worthy cause to getting to play golf on a Friday. The cherry on top is that there are also cool prizes for longest or straightest drive or closest to the pin, and I think you even get something if you win the tournament. I have yet to win, but there's always next year!"

I'm already excited about next year's tournament and you should be too! Of course, if you have any ideas as to how we can makes Drives for Rides even more impactful, even more fun, even greater, please holler! We really believe in doing great and we can't do it without all you crazy golfers.

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