Values. It’s what gap intelligence is founded upon. If those values are embraced by the company from the top down, you can expect a positive environment and feel confident that your company cares about you and your position within the company.

I recently read an article in Forbes describing the top ten ways to recognize a company that does not care about its employees. As I read through, it gave me flashbacks to previous employers and situations that rang very true. It made me feel incredible gratitude. Gratitude that I can truly say that gap intelligence does NOT embody any of these descriptions. It moved me to create my own list that encompasses the exact opposite of those items I have seen over the past two years at gap intelligence.

Core Values

Here are my own top 10 ways in which gap intelligence values its employees:


They announce accurate financial information to the company on a regular basis. They are transparent about the bottom line. If the news is good, the company as a whole benefits. gap provides programs that allow employees to share in the successes as a whole. It isn’t reserved for management and directors.


gap intelligence offers employees guidance, recognition, and support. The company does not punish people for asking for help or making mistakes. We offer solutions to correct and improve our processes by recognizing where there are issues and coming up with ideas on how to implement.


Organizational shifts are sometimes necessary, requiring the moving of management and departments. It is our policy to announce these changes and encourage questions and opinions of those affected by those changes.

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Freedom of speech! We want to hear what employees have to say. Weekly surveys are provided that allow your voice to be heard, while allowing for anonymity if preferred. It is a platform designed to give employees the opportunity to express issues or problems as well as to recognize others for a job well done.


High 5 Culture. gap likes to celebrate our successes no matter how small. We have cards with our values stated on the front and boxes next to each in which employees can check off and recognize each other for upholding those values. I can say that receiving one of those cards from a coworker can make my entire day or week for that matter. It lets others know that the little (or big) things they do each day matter.


Senior management is involved in every level and open to ideas from all positions. An open door policy allows all employees the opportunity to feel comfortable going to any member of the team with feedback.


Integrity starts at the top. If you work for a company who values their employees, you will see it in the CEO, the COO, and the directors. It is my belief that if you can truly say that integrity shines through in these positions, you’re halfway there. Having an upper management that you can trust is absolutely vital to long term success.

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Accountability among team members is crucial. An organization that you can count on to do what it sets out to do, makes employees feel safe in knowing that their interests are being taken seriously.


Perks! Padres tickets, Gulls tickets, a day off at the Del Mar Race Track? How about a stellar holiday party? Yoga, boot camp, fitbits, an internal ‘University’ designed to hold classes that promote personal and professional growth. Are you hungry? Here, have a free snack every Wednesday! These items are available to ALL employees.


Thank you. I see and hear this in nearly every message, email, and verbal exchange. As a company, we ALL thank each other for doing what needs to be done on a regular basis. It makes all the difference to see those two words and know that the sentiment is genuine.

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Our Foundation

A solid core values system is important in retaining quality employees. Whether it's recognizing a job well done, offering extra perks, or maintaining an open channel of communication among all managers and directs, gap intelligence lives and leads by example. All of these things contribute to our overall success and make us stronger as a team.