An accounting professor of mine taught college kids in his spare time as his full time job was running his family’s ranch, which was passed down through five generations of cattlemen.? The ranch was relatively small for the Brazos Valley area, consisting of just a couple hundred acres and home to about 125 head of cattle.? Though some may mock the quality of education a rancher could provide, his accounting course gave me one of the richest experiences of my college career.? He brought us real life business accounting principles from his ranch; managing herds, calculating profit margins on fat cows, expenses, and cash flow cycles to the classroom.



He also was quick to give us advice and guidance on how to live a full and happy life.? One of his favorite topics was his wife’s phenomenal cooking talents and often claimed that the quickest path to any man’s heart was “through his stomach”.

In the spirit of supporting local businesses, we now send treats made in here in San Diego.? A year ago we sent “Gershey Bars”, which are made by a local baker in La Jolla.? Our 40 case order threw a monkey wrench in the “Gershey Bar” kitchen, who was much more accustomed to making about a case a day.? Though Gershey Bars are delicious, we took much needed surf time from the owner and we were asked to limit our orders.?

This June we selected Uncle Biff’s Killer Cookies, a neighborhood baker located just around the corner from our offices in Banker’s Hill.? Uncle Biff’s is the ideal San Diego company that embraces the low-key culture of the city and the lingo of the local surfers who drop-in goofy foot on the glassy double overheads that dot the coastline.? Though the Uncle Biff’s website is as modest as his name, we are just stoked on their product.


We have received a lot of “Thank You” notes and “Where can I get more of these cookies?” emails. Since you asked, you can order Uncle Biff’s Killer Cookies right :