Just last week, Uniqlo, a trendy fashion store in New York, hired Wakamura to greet guests and point them in the right direction to find clothes, making sales associates nationwide fearful for their livlihood.? However, Wakamura’s first day on the job proved to be too stressful as the robot couldn’t appreciate the pounding techno music nor master a heavy New York accent (me too).? A visitor who asked “Where are the shirts?” was scolded by Wakamura for using foul language and by the end of the day, a tired Wakamura had to be shown the store’s door by sympathetic shoppers.? You can hear the collective sigh of relieve from every Circuit City in the nation.

I had wished that the first humans s and can only hope that Wakamura’s experience doesn’t spark a robot revolution, ending in Arnold Schwarzeneggar cyborgs killing us all.

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