Though friends, family, and complete strangers constantly ask me for advice on buying the best electronics gadgets, I rarely plug particular products.?? I am especially bashful to give recommendations on the products that we actually track here at gap intelligence, as I myself tend to get lost in the specifications.? Resolutions, picoliter droplets, internal firmware, touch screens, shutter speeds, aperture ranges, RAW encoding, HDMI interfaces, wide-angles, and short throws and eventually I get too confused to recommend anything.

The above is the coolest thing you will see today.

The lightning was captured by Casio’s amazing Exilim EXF1 ($999 at Ritz if you want to buy me one).? The EXF1 is the fastest consumer range camera in the business and can capture full 6-megapixel images at 60 frames-per-second (second fastest is about 7-fps).?? When Casio first launched the Exilim EXF1, I was admittedly narrow minded on the camera’s useful applications and general appeal.? However, videos like this one have convinced me that high-speed cameras will gain in popularity.

I want one, which means everyone wants one.