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My new “All Time Favorite Picture” was just recently posted on NASA’s Goddard Photo and Video

Flikr account.  Captured by the Mars Exploration Rover Unit Spirit One from the surface of that distant planet, it is the first recorded image of Earth from a planet beyond the moon.  I doubt that Buzz Aldrin could have held a camera so steady, even if he placed it on the lunar module.

I love this picture because it shows just how small we truly are and triggers curiosity on what really may be out there.  Make no mistake, I am certainly not suggesting that space aliens are booking Star Destroyer tickets to visit us any time soon, but I have to admit that if I were sitting next to Spirit One and gazed at that teeny little light up there – I would bet the farm that nothing could possibly live on it.

For me, if anything, this picture puts us all into proper perspective.

I don’t’ think that I am going to get too upset when my tomatoes don’t grow this year or if my favorite hockey team falls short of the Stanley Cup (again…).

Follow NASA’s . Strong work NASA, you earned your paycheck this week.