Occasionally I’ll get spam emails that I actually enjoy.  Today, for example, “Acquisition International” emailed me that our recent acquisition of Quixel Research was named “Deal of the Year.”  Acquisition International offered to broadcast our award on its website and send us a crystal trophy for as little as $5,000.  While the award is extremely flattering, I’ll simply notify readers of this blog about our award and post this picture:

We won “Deal of the Year”!

For the past 11 years, Quixel Research has been a market leader within the television, projector, and sound bar industries and focused its research on market sizing and forecasting.

We love Quixel Research for two reasons:

Forecasting & Market Sizing

gap intelligence loves data and we love explaining the “why” behind the data.  With Quixel, we are able to add another subject in our conversation with clients: what will happen in the future?  As we apply Quixel’s forecasting methodologies, we think that we can talk about the future in new and powerful ways.  We want to combine our advertising data with shipment information to help our clients understand the effectiveness of their promotion investments.  We want to predict retail shelf placements and how they impact future product shipments.  We want to forecast promotional incentives and tell you not only where the market is going, but how much it will cost to get there.

We have a lot of data to play with.

Similarly, we think that we can apply Quixel’s forecasting and market sizing methodologies to every category that we track at gap intelligence.  We see a bright future in delivering Quixel forecasts about the notebook & tablet markets, in addition to our printers, supplies, imaging, and home appliance categories.

I love the idea that gap intelligence will one day predict the future of the refrigerator industry.

Bite size Insights

We at gap intelligence love data.  Great Fantastic Data (GFD) is also very hard to collect, clean, prepare, and present on a daily and weekly basis.  Because of the pride that we take in our GFD, we want to make sure that our clients are presented with every bit of it in a single report.

While working with Quixel, we learned that massive amounts of data can be overwhelming to our clients, who are already time crunched and stressed out.  Quixel’s reports are simple Power Point decks that provide readers with “bite size” chunks of information and insights that are easy to digest.  A graph, three bullet point, and we’re done.

Some day in the not too distant future, you’ll see similar reports that cover gap intelligence’s traditional data and services.  We’ll add new summary reports, presented in a Power Point deck that provides bite size insights that are easy to consume, share, and take action on.

Graph: Best Buy’s Digital Camera Shelf Share Month-over-Month
Bullet Point One: Big Insight
Bullet Point Two: Another Big Insight
Bullet Point Three: What to expect in future

Next slide.

We are thrilled to have Quixel Research be part of the gap intelligence team and we are excited about what the future holds.   We can’t wait to have new conversations with you and use our data in even more powerful ways.

Stay tuned, because there is a lot of fun stuff on the way.

Acquisition International: Deal of the Year