As hard as I try, I am not a blogger. Blogging to me is no different than dancing. Some people trip and step on toes, others are Britney Spears. I trip and fall.

There is also no denying that everyone blogs, whether it be message board rants on Facebook or an extremely personal online diary, almost all of us broadcast ourselves online. I can?t dance, but I?ll give it try.

There are three inspirations behind the ?mind the gap? blog that I would like to mention and may shed light on what you might see here.

1) Kelly Abbott is the MC Hammer of blogging. His passion for blogging drove him to create the ?blogging on steroids? site . enables you to ?lifecast?, or project your life in a chronological time-line that can be shared, tagged, and referenced with other lives. 2) My favorite corporate blog is HP?s . Unlike every other corporate blog, which is typically a press release and advertisement, HP?s Analyst Relations team posts extremely honest and behind the scenes topics. The blog doesn?t always paint them or the company in the best light and asks tough questions about ethics and industry standards.

3) , who pioneered the idea of values led corporations and making even the creation of ice cream a personal endeavor.

With that, the mind the gap blog hopes to share articles about the industry that may enlighten all of us on topics outside of printing and imaging.

You?ll also read about the people of gap intelligence, from Ravi our prot?g? programming guru to Sarina, our MVP of 2007. You may even hear more ideas about the social impacts of the internet and the digital world from our friend Kelly here (pictured).

The blog will also boast gap intelligence?s social endeavors and charitable causes. We have worked with non-profits such as and and raised money for dozens of other causes.

Finally, mind the gap will be a timeline of the trials and tribulations of a young company getting bigger.

I?ll try to be as forthright as possible and post complaints about the rising costs of health insurance, unscrupulous businesses, and rant about the cast of characters that shape this great company. The blog is here to entertain the staff of gap intelligence as much as the outside reader.

Actually, this will probably be far more entertaining for us.