Until recently however, I had little cause to interact regularly with our folks in the Uzbekistan office.  Sure, I work with the developers, but even that interaction is limited to weekly meetings over Skype, discussing our latest project.  Nothing beats interpersonal communication and interaction!  During my 2-week stay in Uzie-land, I would like to think I got to know all the folks very well.  And what I learned is how amazing they all are, and how I HAVE TO SHARE their greatness with everyone!

The Uzie team was equally enthusiastic about this idea, and put together a list of questions and answers with pics, as a brief introduction.  Enjoy!

This blog will be updated to feature a new member of our Uzie Team periodically.

Our first team member we would like to introduce… Shavkat!

1. What is your name?
2. Where did you study?
3. Where do you want to travel?
4. What is the least useful thing you ever bought?
5. If you had a ship what would you name it?
6. What do you like to do the most?
7. If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
8. Which do you enjoy more:  giving or receiving gifts?
9. What would you like to improve about yourself?
10. What charitable organizations would you like to create/assist?
1. My name is Shavkat

2. I studied at Navoiy State Mining Institute, Open Mining Engineering.

3. England – be on Old Trafford stadium and watch one Manchester United game live and talk to Sir Alex Ferguson. Holland – do all the crazy things that people do there.  Czech, Poland, Italy, France, Belgium, Romania – tour through old parts of these countries, sightseeing.  Hawaii – just relax and enjoy sun/life/sand/ocean…

4. Comb, i never use it

5. I’d name it after my first kid

6. Watching soccer games, hanging out with friends, driving my car, tasting fresh milk and feeling when you fall asleep

7. I would love to say “no war”, nobody to get sick and live forever, but that would ruin our world. I would rather hold them for now and use only in case/when my parents/wife/kids or any other important person would need serious help

8. Definitely giving gifts, I like to see people smiling

9. Get rid of my laziness and be even more organized

10. Build a free public hospital for severely sick kids whose parents can’t pay for it, soccer club/school for orphan kids, free 24-hour kindergarten for single moms who have daytime/nighttime jobs.