These words may have be spoken on this blog a couple of times before but it bears repeating – market intelligence companies don’t get lots of press***.

Public relations departments view us as the wolves circling the flock of their inside information and act as sheep dog to protect NDA products from getting into our hands. Because of that, gap intelligence rarely gets calls from the media, we aren’t invited to shot location for various television commercial ads, and we don’t ever, ever do product reviews.****

Speaking of product reviews – I really want one of these (Olympus, if you’re reading):

The E-P1 is the industry’s first serious attempt to bring to market a compact DSLR.

Professional and advanced photographers have long yearned for a pocket size camera that had the same shooting qualities as a big DSLR. Even the most expensive compact cameras have two fatal shortcomings – slow focusing speeds via contrast detection systems and small image sensors. While Panasonic was first to deliver a micro-DSLR, based on technology it developed with Olympus – Panasonic’s first two efforts were (adjective here).

With the launch E-P1 Digital Pen, Olympus took a cannon-ball dive into the shallow-end of the DSLR swimming pool.

The Pen is the first “real” micro DSLR that eliminates the shortcomings of compact cameras and brings with them the manual applications afforded by SLRs. The image below was taken by Derrick Story with a E-P1 Pen, which was then taken by, and then taken by me (Creative Commons licensing OK).

I want a review unit, please.**

Outside of the above Pen, we don’t do product reviews. The few occasions that our hard work does get exposure is when we are used in fine print.

gap intelligence is usually the muscle behind the asterisks used in marketing materials from a number of our clients. Our most recent asterisk is also our biggest to date:


Notice that “gap intelligence” is just a few font sizes smaller than the “Xerox” logo itself. Our asterisk relationship with Xerox extends beyond the world-wide-web and we are proudly seen within the fine print of ads located in Business Week and Wired. While fine print exposure like this is very, very flattering the devil in the details is something that should be brought to light.

(Excessive plugging our MFP / Copier Service)

gap intelligence MFP / Copier service includes a database that details over 13,000 copier cost-per-page service contracts.

Our warehouse of information is collected from the public, government, and education sectors but also includes active contracts through private dealers. Simply put – nobody (not even Xerox) has our level of competitive copier contracts.*

If you are a copier company *, you’ll should call us (619-574-1100).

If you’re a dealer who would like to participate in our information exchange panel (you can see all 13,000 contracts):

*nobody has 13,000 purchase, maintenance and service copier contracts. Ours include Canon, Konica, Xerox, Kyocera Mita, Oce, HP, Ricoh, Savin, Lanier, Gestetner, Ikon, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, Copystar and focus from segment 1 to 250-duplex pages per minute segment 6 systems.

** Olympus can send me a digital Pen at:


principal analyst

gap intelligence, inc

701 C Street

third floor

san diego, ca 92101

***One analyst did, years ago, and as a result is no longer an analyst.

****We’re working on that, :