As appliances continue to evolve to create a smarter and more connected home life, some of us may wonder if we’re headed towards a Jetson’s inspired era. While we’re not quite there, it certainly does seem that the sky is the limit and there may be a day forthcoming where a refrigerator can whip up a quick breakfast and a laundry suite will have our clothes washed, pressed, and ready to toss on as we walk out the door.

Samsung is a leading force in the home appliance initiative towards technology development. From washing machines that can be operated by a smartphone app, and refrigerators that can play music from a built in tablet screen, to appliances that run during optimal energy efficient hours, the Korean manufacturer recently released a refrigerator that provokes the question ‘Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?’ Allow me to introduce the newest four-door French door model featuring SodaStream technology.

Samsung’s RF31FMESBSR, features an integrated carbonated water dispenser that will deliver filtered sparkling water from the same mechanism on the refrigerator door that produces still water and ice. SodaStream is known mainly for producing home devices for carbonating beverages, which it markets as a way to save space and money on store-bought soda, as well as providing a more eco-friendly solution.

For the RF31FMESBSR four-door refrigerator, the manufacturer incorporated similar technology using 60L CO2 cylinders that sit in a concealed compartment inside the left refrigerator door. Users are able to select up to three levels of carbonation for sparkling water from the same control panel used to select water and/or ice.

SodaStream estimates the cost of its sparkling water at approximately $0.25 per liter.
In addition to the first-ever sparkling water dispenser within a refrigerator, the 30.5 cu. ft. model is also equipped with high-efficiency LED lights and an ice maker that can produce up to 10 lbs. of ice per day.

Similar models within the Samsung four-door assortment retail at approximately $3,199 without the SodaStream option. With that, the premium for the SodaStream technology is quite high and will likely only appeal to high-end shoppers. The stand-alone SodaStream device, sold at retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond, retails for between $99 and $199 depending on options.

Although Samsung and LG are paving the road towards the ultimate connected home, it is anticipated that all manufacturers will follow suit as our lifestyles continue to evolve and as demand for these types of luxury appliances grows.

As is often the case with new technology, premiums remain high with feature rich products. While the SodaStream technology is brand-new to the refrigerator segment, one day this high-end option may be standard in all home refrigerators. The introduction of this new capability is sure to lead to further creativity and innovation throughout the home appliance segment.