Hey Everyone! My name is Laura Mashburn and I’ve been working at gap intelligence for around two weeks now. If you’d like an idea of who I am, two big parts of my life are riding horses (I’ve been doing it since I eight) and it’s probably helpful to know that I have an identical twin sister named Julie.

A little story of how I got into riding begins with a compromise between my parents and me when I wouldn’t stop begging for a pony as a little girl.  They agreed to get me lessons under the misguided assumption that after a month or maybe two tops, I’d get over it and move onto the next fad.

Fourteen years later and I’m still going strong. I even joined the equestrian team at UCSD and competed around southern California and Arizona. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it, even though it meant some VERY early mornings and VERY long car rides with a bunch of riding equipment.


As for being a twin, it’s nothing to crazy. I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s always a way to mess with people and really freak them out but for the most part it’s pretty normal! There’s just a few small side-effects, such as talking in unison, that might really give off a cliché twin vibe to our friends.

I’m definitely excited to be here at gap, I’ll be working in desktops and feel like working here will totally improve my Excel skills. Not to mention, everyone has been so nice and helpful while I get use to how everything works around here! It really has made getting the hang of things less crazy.